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Visit from our local MP John Whittingdale

John Whittingdale our local MP came to school to talk about his job as a MP.

He answered lots of questions from the children.

Meeting 20.09.21


This is the first meeting this year.  Our school council members are the same as last year as we only had one meeting due to Covid restrictions.


We introduced ourselves and the new year 1 members said hello.  We will have our photo next time as a few members were missing. 


We all put our new badges on and promised we will look after them.


We looked at the lunchtime toys that had arrived that we had ordered last year.  We can't wait to share and play with them.


The year 5 members have offered to come into school early on the last day each month to hand out the WOW badges to each class.


Our focus next meeting is to think of ways to improve lunchtime experiences in the playground.

We have 2 questions to ask our classes that we can discuss next time.

Agenda for 13.2.20

1. E safety conference

The school council will be having a E safety talk with all the other school council in woodham . The conference will be on the 27.3.20 . In the conference we will be talking about age opprapriate games and dont talk to people who you do not know online.

2. End of year reward

For our end of year reward we will be going to willy-de to use their trampolines and climbing wall.We are still waiting for a date.

3. Burger tasting

The school council have been trying 6 different burgers for the kitchen.

School council 2019-2020

Agenda for 13.1.20

Reward survey:

Trampoline/climbing wall  - winner

KS2 class pair bake off - winner ks2

KS1 class slime making – winner ks1


In the  playground we would like to see :






Non-uniform day

Odd sock day

cost to be decided next meeting



Left over money goes to = great ormand street hospital

Next meeting 2.3.20…Focus…Review dinner menu

27 March e-safety conference

Meeting on the 26th November 2019


We talked about the results of the chicken dinner survey.  The results are chicken nuggets and salad got 5 classes votes and chicken burger in a bun with salad, corn on the cob and BBQ sauce had 4 votes.  This has been passed onto the ladies in the kitchen.


End of year reward was discussed and the classes are being asked hat they would like.  Results in the next meeting.


Collection money from the Christmas productions, the children have asked for money to go to children in hospital and some to elderly people in SWF.


Mrs Williams asked what the children would like in the playground at lunchtime.  this will be our focus next meeting on 14th January 2020. 

Our first meeting 21.10.19


Chair person Harry

Vice chair Billie

Secretaries Elizabeth and Tom


What chicken dinner would you like to see on the menu? The cook has asked us to complete a survey.


Our choices are


chicken burger and corn on the cob

chicken nuggets and cold salad bar

breaded chicken in a wrap with salad and rice

BBQ chicken with new potatoes and vegetables

Chicken chow mein


All children will vote and the results given to Bev the cook.


All children will be asked what reward they would like to see at the end of the year.  This will be shared next meeting on 25.11.19

School council achievements 2018-2019

Meeting 05.02.19


Pop up arcade fundraising day will be on the 22nd May where it will be non uniform, special lunch menu, top table for all in the hall and half an hour extra of golden time.  Every one will be asked to bring £2 as a donation for our special day, anything over will be spent on playleader equipment for the playground.


Westminster visit is planned for the 15.03.19, a letter will be sent out soon.


School council conference is where all school councils from the schools in Woodham will come to Woodville and we will talk about signs for the streets and cybersafety.  The Town Mayor Peter will join us for the day.  We also get a  lunch.


We have got a healthy schools award where we work so hard on our mental health and sorting out our messy bedroom.


Next meeting 12.03.19 to discuss about the school council conference and arrange the details for Friday.

Meeting 27.11.18


Focus on feedback about the new menu.


We reported back that the children like the potatoes, roast dinner, burgers, pizza and fish days.  Our favourite is the pasta bar.  


We really don't like fruit in curry.  

We would like to see the all day breakfast back and have special days with ribs, shepherds pie, soup, meaty Monday, lasagne,  a pizza bar like the pasta bar and fat free Friday.


Our next meeting is on the 15 January and we will be asking for ideas to raise money for the Pop up Arcade.

31.10.18 Discussion about school dinners.


We had our school cook Bev and Theresa from Ashlyns come to our meeting.


We looked at the new menu and decided that most days look very nice.  We asked if we could have mashed potatoes instead of new potatoes and this is being trialled next week. Every one had enough of a portion today.  2 sausages instead of one for KS2 was agreed.  Trial pots of curry, sweet and sour chicken and tortilla will be available for all to try on the days.  Bev told us we can try any food we like even if we haven't ordered it.  

We asked for a chicken day and this will happen in January.


We have been asked to plan a friendship lesson with our teacher for friendship day on 22.11.18.  we can plan games and posters and no bully pictures or anything we can think of.


For children in need day we will be dressing up in spots, having a yummy lunch, and a competition with winners in KS1 and KS2 where school council pick the winners.  Miss Phillips will be having fun exercises in the hall for all the children and we will ask for a 50p donation to children in need on 16th November.


next meeting 27.11.18 and what do we think of the new menu.

First meeting 24.09.18


We had our first meeting where we elected out chair - Daniel

vice-chair Joshua, secretaries Sofia and Milly.


They have decided they would like pop up arcade for next summer. ideas will be collected next meeting.


Children will ask to review school dinners and report back.


The children have asked for visit to Westminster that will be explord.


next meeting 30.10.18

Election of head boy and girl 02.07.18

Congratulations to Jack, Kassia, Harry and Summer on their success this year.  Good luck in their role for next year.

Thank you to Ed, Liam, Holly and Grace for all their hard work this year.




Successes for our school council this year are on the hall display board.



On Friday, at 17:00 until 20:00 we will have the summer fayre. Mrs Turner and the School council will be running a stand, you can guess the name of the teddies. It's £50p for one guess and £1 for three guesses. Some children haven't liked the new menu of school dinners, so we have asked the children for different menus. Mrs Turner will give the children's suggestions to the chefs so they can change their menu. On Friday's assembly, the year 5s, who are going for Head Boy and Head Girl will be giving their speeches. On Monday 2nd of July the whole school will be voting for 2018/2019s Head Boy and Head girl.

Typed by Ed.  

Meeting 06.03.18


Thank you very much Evie and her mum for giving us two teddies, so that we can raise some money for the pop up arcade. At the summer fair we will be having a competition for guess the name of the teddy. We have 1000 names which you can guess, it will be 50p for a guess or £1 for 3 guesses. From world book day, we have raised £150 now we just need £200. Next week Thursday and Friday, we will be holding interviews for next years Head Teacher, we have come up with questions for asking them. Mrs Turner has asked our local Mp John Whittingdale if he could come and visit us, and explain about his job and democracy. She has also asked the Mayor of South Woodham and explain what he does, and the decisions he has to make.  We have also requested a visit to Westminster. 

meeting from 23.01.18


 The pop up Arcade is booked for the 18th of July. We need to raise £350 for the arcade, and the way we are going to do that is on Thursday the 1st of March we have our world book day and we need the children to dress up as book character and please bring in £1 as donation.Any spare money we raise we will donate to the Essex animal hospital. The school council have been voting for ties for year 5 and 6 and Mrs Marrion has agreed to it, so it will happen on September 18th. On Monday the 29th we are going to be having a guess the name of the teddy competition, it will be 50p a guess.We will be talking to the children about it on the Friday assembly.  We are going to introduce an early lunch ticket for those children who need early lunch for clubs, sports and many more.Unfortunately for the juniors the isn't going to be a tuck shop because the is no teachers to run it.

typed by Ed    

Minutes from the meeting 05.12.17


We talked about ties for school uniform for year 5 and 6.  results of the parents was no 160 and yes 45.  We are asking the children tomorrow.


Tuck Shop - we tasted the items sent from Fruit to Suit and decided what we liked and would like to try.  This will be ordered and rolled out in January after speaking to the children.  Each packet will be 50p and we will speak to Mrs Brock and Mrs Benefield about how this is best to be organised.


Name the Teddy - we are organising this with the special hero day in the next meeting in January. Evie will bring in a second teddy so we have 2 to win.


We had a discussion about the collection for Christmas and we had to vote for either Wildlife or Children's hospice (Little Havens) at Southend.  After a long discussion we decided that Christmas was for children and all of us voted for the money to the hospice. It was suggested that we as school council raise money for the wildlife in the summer term.


Our next meeting is in January where we will organise the fundraising for the Pop up Arcade visit.


Minutes of the meeting 01.11.17


We discussed the ideas the children have about raising money for the pop up arcade reward for next summer.  We decided as a vote for guess the name of the teddy, dress up super hero and princess day and a cake sale.  We will set the dates for this at the next meeting.  We discussed the school dinners.  They are mainly enjoyed, but would like a few changes so we are asking the cook to visit at the next meeting. We gave out a playground competition for all the children that we will explain in assembly and send off before the deadline date of 1st December.


Next meeting 29.11.17 where we will send off the playground competition and set the dates for our fundraising.

Our new School councillors met on 27th September.

Chairperson - Jack

Vice - Holly

Secretary - Eric and Amber

We discussed the Year 6 Coffee afternoon and that they would be helping in the hall from 2pm.

We also talked about whether we want the Pop up arcade in school again which costs £250, if so we need to think of things to do to raise the money.

Next meeting 31st October.

Discuss raising money for the pop up arcade.

School Council Achievements 2016-2017

  • We entered the school award
  • We visited the Houses of Parliament in Westminster
  • We had a vote on ties for KS2
  • Joined in with a community project with the Town Council
  • The mayor visited us
  • Bought new play leader equipment
  • We had a a walk to school day
  • We made a book area for lunchtime
  • Every class got sampled forest schools
  • We had a debate and made a decision for homework
  • We made a reward for KS2 team points- pop up arcade
  • We selected The Children In Need winners
  • We had a successful Cancer Coffee Day
  • John Whittingdale-our local MP- visited us
  • We had successful charity days suggested by 3 children(Brooke, Cian and Lily
  • Pantomime feedback from all of the children in Woodville 
  • Attended Healthy School Award ceremony


Review of Elections

Year 6 counted the Head Boy and Girl elections. We also had a vote for wearing ties.


Community Project Review

We went to the Town Council we helped with: the Neighbourhood Plan and the House competition.


School Council Award 

On the 25th of May, it was Walk To School Day and whoever walked to school got to spray feet around the school. With doing so, we entered a government tournament we are currently waiting for the results.


A big thank you from Mrs Turner and Mrs Guidera for all your hard work as a school councillor.  We hope you enjoyed it.  We did!  Have a lovely summer holiday. 



Palace of Westminster

[Houses of Parliament]


On the 23rd of May 2017 Woodville’s school council were invited to the houses of parliament and have a tour around the building. We had a tour throughout the building including; Queen Victoria’s throne which is now uses as Queen Elizabeth’s robing room, the house of commons, the house of lords, Queen Elizabeth’s throne and last but not least the house of royals. We all had an amazing day and learnt a lot about parliament and how the government works. We also saw amazing paintings from the past of Queen Victoria and many other Tudors. We would like to say a huge thank you to The Houses of Parliament for letting us visit the palace and thank you for a fantastic day.

By Isabelle and Lucy

Some photos of our wonderful visit to Westminster.

Candidates for Head Girl and Head Boy.

On Friday 17th March Mrs Turner and Mrs Guidera took the head girl and boy to the Healthy Schools award where our school recieved a foundation and enhanced award. We met the Lady Mayor from Chelmsford and also Aaron Phipps who competed in the wheelchair rugby in the 2012 Olympics

Meeting of 1st February 2017


westminster visit is confirmed for 23rd May and year 2 would like to come too.

town council visit we will be joining and asking about helping in the local community and confirming we are happy to lay a brick in the new Sainsburys.

questions are being asked from the children to ask John Whittingdale.

all the children like the pantomime.




lily Moor idea will be a fund raising for Marble in July.


next meeting 1st March 




  • Meeting from 14th December 2016.                                                     We are contacting the town council to see if we can help in the community. We are asking them if we can have an arcade to play computer games too.  We discussed the ideas raised by the children.  These are napkins, more soft balls, book area in the playground, every class have forest schools, more flowers, tuck shop for juniors, visit to Council and Westminster too!  We then talked about our MP visiting again to see what we can help him with.  Mrs Turner will call these people.                                             We are asking the children how they would like to celebrate their birthday at school dinner time.    Next meeting in January 25th.





School Council meeting 03.11.16


Firstly we talked about homework. Homework will now be done on the computer on a website called My maths which is a website where your child/children will be given  games to play from their teachers you will be given different homework depending on what they have been learning in the week. At this moment of time we do not have any literacy planned, sorry. Your child will be given a letter what explains more in depth and to get onto the website. We have decided our winners for for spot day competition. We have also thought about tasty tuck for the juniors we have had this in the past and we think it will good to bring back. If your child has something to say you can give Mrs Turner a note we will discuss it like a letter we have been given which said that the child did not get a say in the questionnaire on homework and we are sorry for this.   

next meeting 14.12.16


School Council Election 2016

These have taken place.  In the first meeting we discussed homework.  We asked all the children in our classes and it was decided that homework was not a good idea as sometimes it was too hard and not what we have worked on in class.  The children said it was good to have games to play on the computer.  We talked about teams in KS2 and asked the children, they don't want teams except for sports day and winner rewards the children had no idea what they could have! We will revisit at the next meeting.

We talked about ties and the older children really like the idea, younger children didn't really know what they thought.  A list of our councillors are on the wall in the hall.  Next meeting is 2nd November where we will discuss the results of KS2 rewards.



Election of Head Boy and Head Girl

Woodville is promoting British Values.

This week in school we had our election to vote for the head boy and head girl for next academic year.  The children in year 5 were given time in PSHE last Friday to make posters and promote themselves to stand as a candidate.  They had to have their manifesto written ready to present on Monday in assembly. The opportunity was taken by many children and they spoke very clearly in assembly.  Over 250 posters were put up and beautifully made badges given to support campaigns.  All children voted on Thursday at our polling station.  It was a very close battle especially the girls where the gap was one vote!

Congratulations to Lucy W and Jayden for the head girl and boy, also to Azaria and Freddie for the deputies.




Congratulation to the new head boy and girl and the deputies.

Thank you to these year 6 school councillors for reporting tonight at the Governor meeting about our work this year.

Notes from the meeting 20.06.16


Election of head boy and head girl:

The votes will be cast Thursday morning, and we shall count the votes Thursday afternoon in the spare base. The results will be announced Friday mornings assembly.  


Town council update:

The community project will start in September 2016.


Key stage 2 rewards:


We will revisit the team point situation in September. We've had ideas to maybe stop the team points as many people don't put them up anymore, or maybe have something else instead.


What we have done this year as school councillors:


1. Make up new ideas for team point winners.

2. We changed the school menu.

3. New markings on the playground floor.

4. A new wooden table in the infant playground.

5. We met the town council.

6. Peter Wyatt came to talk to us.

7. Looking at a community project with the town council.

8. We went to the Houses of Parliament.

9. Counting votes for head girl and boy election.

10. John Wittingdale one of the South Woodham Ferres MP spoke about British law and democracy to all the pupils in assembly.

11. We raised money for dogs trust by putting on a cake sale.

12. We raised money for children in need by running Champions of change and through a non-uniform day with competitions and another very yummy cake sale.

13. Team points will be looked at again in September or later on in the school year.

14. We are looking forward to sampling the new school menu for the next academic year.



Written by Lilly George, 6B     







Visit to Westminster



On Thursday 5th May the school council went to the Houses of Parliament.  We went in to watch a debate in the House of Commons and House of Lords. We learnt all about democracy in England. We learnt how laws or bills are made. We then had debates where we were MP's or Lords and Baronesses.  John Whittingdale our MP came and saw us and said about his day.  We went into Westminster Hall where we saw where some historical events have taken place.  We stood where Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth have given speeches too.  We had an amazing day, and comments were passed by the staff at Westminster about how polite and well behaved all of our school were.  


The year 5's have decided to create a school magazine, but we are not sure how much to sell it for.

We were very disappointed with the playground markings, they put the wrong markings in the wrong place, and dug up the wrong things!

The deputy mayor came in on Friday and told us that we could be involved in a community project to add to the town, we had some ideas and we are sending them to the town council:

  • cinema
  • arcade
  • Base jump
  • roller/ice skating

We also want to remind the children to play with they cars nicely and don't climb on the spiral bench in the infant playground.

next meeting is 20.06.16 and we will look at the rewards.


Written by Daniel year 6

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

Dog's Trust Visit

Thank you Maria for visiting our school today.  We had a cake sale to say thank you and raised £116.15. 

We counted the money for the Dog's Trust. We raised £116.15 from the cake sale.  Thank you to all the children who bought cakes in and who bought them. We discussed the playground marking and are looking forward to them being there after the holiday.  We also made a list of our next projects.  Caitlin in year 4 competition has also been distributed to all the children.

School Council 2015-2016



Meeting on 21st March 2016





Meeting on 25th January 2016

A very busy week for the school council.

We have been asked to help choose the style for the new website.  the children selected three from the variety we had.  Then we went and asked all the classes which one they would like.  Results have been given to Mrs Burrell.

We made a list of what we would like to see in our shop and this has been given to Mr Page who is chair of the PTA.

Mr Whittingdale our MP is visiting school on Friday.  We have come up with a list of questions to ask him.

We also briefly spoke about our visit to Westminster on 5th May 2016.




Most children love most of the dinners.


They really like the roast dinner and pizza day.


They love the fish and chip day!


All were delighted with jacket potato going on the menu.





Ketchup on every day




chocolate ice cream


tuna on a potato


ham egg and chips with baked beans




chocolate fudge cake


hot chicken wings


sausage rolls


chicken casserole


beef stew


toad in the hole


Victoria sponge cake