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Thursday 24th March

It  has been the penultimate day here at Norfolk lakes and it has been another brilliant non-stop day!  

Firstly, we have celebrated the 11th birthday of one of the children and also had a visit from both Mrs Brock and Mrs Turner. 


As you will have seen, I have managed to upload some images from my ipad - but despite my best efforts,   other ipads would not connect  (each group had a different one) so I faithfully promise I will upload more pictures over the coming days but again I am also looking into a CD of all pictures for pupils to have as a lasting memory.  Therefore if you have not seen a picture of your child I apologise but there are a lot - it will just be on a different ipad.


Children have greatly enjoyed playing name the baby game this evening, so thank you for supplying the images.  

The children have packed up well this evening and surprisingly have all showered throughout the week and changed their clothes etc without being told so they should also return relatively clean (apart from group 14 who have water sports tomorrow morning!) 

I would like to thank you for sending your children on this trip - all of the children have gained something from this residential in some way from developing new friendships, trying new things (including foods) and going outside of their comfort zone, it has been a privilege to spend the week with your children and see them flourish and thrive in this environment, they have all been a huge credit to you and been model children - all members of my team have had a blast this week so although it is a full on, intense and exhausting week we have thoroughly loved it!


Today children have completed the following activities:

Group 10: volleyball, low ropes, climbing, quiz and bouldering

Group 11: crate stack, low ropes, volleyball, quiz and bouldering

Group 12: canoeing, kayaking, climbing, bouldering and crate stack

Group 13: canoeing, kayaking, blind trail, obstacle course and high ropes

Group 14: orienteering, caving, low ropes, volleyball and crate stack


Tomorrow the plan is to have breakfast at 7.40.  Children will be out their rooms by 9.00am and on first activity by 9.15. 

They will complete activity 2 and then have lunch at 12.45.

The coach will be loaded and we will leave.  I hope we do not leave later than 1.45pm.  Providing traffic is okay and we leave as expected then we should be back around 4.15 - 4.30 pm however the office will text if this varies. 



Finally on a personal note, I would like to once again thank Mrs Gibson, Mrs Wakeling, Mrs Daniels, Mrs Appleton, Mrs Owens, Mrs Crosson  - our 2022 team - who have been absolute superstars supporting me in helping to deliver this residential this week - so thank you ladies.  


I hope you have also enjoyed your quieter week and made the most of this glorious weather.  I know the children are greatly looking forward to seeing you all again and telling you all about their week!


We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Miss Austin




Wednesday 23rd March

Today has been another glorious, fun packed, eventful and sunny  day for all, and children are all in the full swing of the routine and being away from home now.

Children woke up a little later than Tuesday but were all eager to complete their activities.  Children (and staff) have been tackling new challenges head on and it has been lovely to see another side of their personalities come through.  Children are supporting and encouraging each other to try new experiences that may be outside their comfort zone and have equal developed friendships with other pupils who they may not have spoken to much before.  


Today children completed the following activities:

Group 10 Caving, blind trail (blindfolded sensory trail), canoeing, kayaking and an obstacle course


Group 11: caving, blind trail, canoeing, kayaking and high ropes  


Group 12 fencing, caving, low ropes, quiz and blind trail


Group 13 fencing, caving, low ropes, quiz and manor Olympics


Group 14 raft building, giant stand up paddle board, survival skills, quiz and manor Olympics.


Sadly we are now over half way through our trip and tomorrow is our last full day so we will have a busy evening packing tomorrow night.

Hope you are all well and will update tomorrow.  


Tuesday 22nd March


Evening all from what has been a very beautiful and warm Ling today.

Children awoke at 6.00am this morning - we naively thought we would need to wake them ready for breakfast but nope all rooms had at least one early riser which then had a domino effect thus resulting in our 6am start!


Children have had another wonderful day and all are having a fantastic time enjoying their new experiences.  I think we are all very grateful for  the sunny 20 degree weather today as it made our little venture on (or should I say IN the lake) more enjoyable!  Guess it is somewhat inevitable when you are on a giant paddle board with 10 pupils.  However some chose to jump in (voluntarily, multiple times!). 


Before I get to the day activities, can I please just reassure you again all pupils have eaten from the canteen and very much enjoyed both cereal, toast and a full English this morning! 


This evening children were all in bed by 9 and asleep by 9.30 so the 5 lots of hour and a half activities have clearly taken effect.


The children are coping well with being away (naturally they miss you) but all are happy and having a fantastic time, which is why no one has needed to hear from me personally; therefore this is good news and means all is going to plan and a okay.


I will update you again tomorrow and I will continue to try with photos but even this has taken a few hours and several attempts to get the message up.  I am thinking of permanent ways to share the photos with you though so that the children can have lasting memories of the trip.


Group 10 today completed: fencing, survival skills, raft building, giant stand up paddle boarding and manor Olympics 


Group 11 today completed: Manor Olympics, fencing, giant paddle boarding, raft building and climbing wall.


Group 12 today completed: manor Olympics, archery, giant paddle boarding, raft building and survival skills.


Group 13 today completed: archery, bouldering, giant paddle boarding, raft building and crate stacking


Group 14 today completed: fencing, bouldering, archery, climbing and high ropes.


Also all rafts DID float! 

Monday 21st March

Arrival day!  Evening all, as you were informed by the office we arrived safely around 12.30pm and all went well on the journey up - no traffic or sickness.  On arrival, children ate their lunches on the green at the back of our residential block followed by their first activity. Children then had dinner before completing an afternoon activity. Children are all okay and happy with both room and day group arrangements.  The food is nice and there was a good selection for the children to decide upon at Tea time - we have now seen a dinner menu for the rest of the week and been able to share with children, but all have eaten something! 

I wish I was able to upload some pictures but both Mrs Gibson and myself have tried and have been unsuccessful so I apologise but it may be daily updates via writing.

Group 10 leader Mrs Daniels (Freya,  Phoebe, Talia, Rebecca, Betsy, Marshall, Sean, Albert, Harry O, Jake and Billy ) have completed archery and orienteering


Group 11 leader Miss Austin with Mrs Owens ( Darcey, Annie, Maya, Jensen , Charlie, Finlay, Riley, Ryan and Francesca) have completed survival skills and archery


Group 12 leader Mrs Crosson (lynnie-kay, Ava, Holly, Mia, Logan, Harry W, Kaiser, Teddy, Jamie, Nathan and Max D)  have completed an obstacle course and volleyball


group 13  leader Mrs Wakeling with Mrs Appleton (Max T, Leo, Frankie A Alfie G, Harrison, Finley A, Edward and Lenny) have completed survival skills and volleyball


group 14 leader Mrs Gibson (Lailah, May, Molly, Alfie T, Freddie A + W, Matteo, Bobby and Sebastian)  have completed the blind trail and obstacle course


  It is currently 10.43pm and all are in bed (most asleep but all quiet),  the fresh country air and activties have definitely tired them out a little!


I will update tomorrow evening with some of the activities the children have participated in.  I know my group has water activities after lunch till dinner  so lets hope we don't end up in too early into the session! 


Hope you are all doing okay and enjoying your first quiet night. :-) 

welcome to year 6, meet the teacher letter.

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