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Woodville Primary School

School's motto - Where this is learning in the air

Class RG - Squirrel

New Class Names


We are the Squirrel Class! 


Dear Parents and Children, 

As you may know, the school has decided to name each class after something from nature. RWC are The Ladybirds and RT are the Squirrels. The children will soon know their new House name too, the plan is that they will be in the same house as any older siblings to make it more peaceful at home! This is so that we can award team points as well as stickers. These are tree names Willow, Sycamore, Oak and Horse Chestnut.



Forest School 


Forest School will begin once we have received back all the permission letters, please return your letter asap, thank you. 




Meet the Teacher Notes 2021-2022

Autumn Term Topic

Reading Book 07.09.21


The children are bringing home a book to share with their adults this week.  Please discuss the pictures and relate the pictures to something the children might know or have done.  We will change them next week.  Please send in their book bag every day.


The children have settled into school very quickly and are enjoying the activities.


There will be a board on the fence for any urgent updates and they will be posted on this page too.

Read with me under a tree - A website to promote sharing books together and supporting your child or children to start school


Essex County Council library services have a lovely and useful website to help parents enjoy sharing stories and books together with their child or children and there is a section that offers tips about supporting a child starting school. The website also has games and other suggested learning activities for children in the early years.


Please use


Kind regards,


Caroline Wakeling