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Woodville Primary School

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Pre-Loved Uniform

TA pre-loved uniform.


Woodville Primary School PTA have joined Uniformd to provide the opportunity for parents to buy good quality pre-loved uniform at affordable prices. There is an easy to use website which provides a simple and straightforward system to find and buy items you need.

To enable it to work effectively, we rely on you, our parents, to donate your child’s outgrown school uniform (we can only accept items that are clean and in good condition), providing a sustainable solution to reduce the volume of old school uniforms ending up in landfill. All funds raised are used to fund enrichment activities.


How does it work?

  • Parents and carers donate outgrown good quality uniform items to Woodville PTA
  • We then list the items on the Uniformd website.
  • Parents and carers can view and purchase listed items via the Uniformd online school shop.
  • Woodville PTA will be notified of the orders and will arrange for parents to collect the items from the school. Please note collections are available term-time only on select days.
  • Funds raised will be used towards enrichment activities for the children and additional resources. 

Donating Pre-Loved Uniform

By donating your child's old school uniform, you are directly helping families within our Woodville school community as well as reducing the school’s collective environmental impact.

Please ensure items are in good condition, clean and preferably ironed!

We cannot accept any items of uniform that are damaged, torn or stained as we will be unable to sell these to students through the UniformD website.

All donations can be dropped off at the main school reception or to class teachers. 


Buying Pre-Loved Uniform


Order your pre-loved uniform here


With Uniformd, you have year-round access to essential school uniform at a fraction of the 

price, perfect for replacing items that go missing or as your children outgrow them. When you buy on their platform, you are not only saving money but investing back into our school and your child’s education.


Once an order has been placed, we will send you an email when your items are ready to collect, along with collection instructions.


Unfortunately, we cannot process refunds, however we will endeavour to find an alternative size, if available, for items that do not fit.

For further information about Uniformd visit