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🌻 Eco Schools News 🌻


Below is the schools Eco Code. Please make sure you have one displayed in your classroom:


Reduce, reuse, recycle
Energy must not be wasted
Care for wildlife
You must pick up litter
Cycle or walk to school, if you can
Look after the school grounds
Everyone will look after the environment 


Thank You
The Eco Warriors


2018-19 News


🌼 Summer Term 🌼


The eco warriors attended an award ceremony at Hylands House and they received a Chelmsford Champion award for all their hard work in the local community! Keep up the good work! 👍 


We have been busy getting the eco garden ready to take part in the meadow Croft competition again. We have decided to create a bug garden. Make sure you have a look! If you have any bug themed garden decorations you would be willing to donate come the eco warriors would really appreciate it!




🌼 Spring Term 🌼

This term we had a visit from Chelmsford county council for a recycling assembly. We then though about how we can try to recycle more at school and at home. We now have a battery recycling bin by the main entrance so please bring in any old batteries! We also did a litter pick in the local area and managed to collect 8 bags of litter! 


🔋 🗑 🔋🗑🔋🗑🔋🗑🔋🗑🔋🗑


We also had a visit from Essex water about different ways to save water. We are encouraging everyone to try to use less water! 




🌼 Autumn Term 🌼

This term we had our annual elections for the new eco-school members from each class. We then had our first meeting and were given our badges. We looked at the different events happening this year and decided which ones we wanted to take part in. We also gave out different roles to some of the year 5 and 6 children in the team. Make sure you keep up to date with our news by looking on our notice board.


If you would like to come and help in our eco-garden please speak to a member of staff at the office. Thank You!




2017-18 News


Summer Term

This term we took part in the meadowcroft schools in bloom competition. We had lots of flowers to plant in the eco garden. We decided to give our garden a theme of a Royal garden. 


Spring Term

This spring term our Eco team have been awarded another green flag, which is our third one! You can see our flag and all our certificates of acheivment in the entrance hall.The year sixes and some year fives are taking charge of organising the meetings, the website and the minutes. We are planning to do a litter pick next week. We are going to call it waste week. Hopefully we will make the school a better place by doing this.

Autumn Term
Our new Eco Team have been hard at work thinking of some great new ideas to make our school more green! Over the next few weeks we are going to be planting spring bulbs all around the school. We are also taking part in switch off fortnight and will be monitoring our energy usage. 

Recycled Art for Eco Day

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