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Woodville Primary School

School's motto - Where this is learning in the air

Other subjects: activites

Week 1 activity

Click on the link below and watch this video about the home life of Vikings.


Can you summarise the clip in 10 sentences?


Can you create a Viking longhouse using Minecraft? Label the key features.

Week 2 activity

This activity will make you all into evolutionary scientists!


Follow the intructions below to make your own fossil.


Write an explanation of how scientists used fossils to develop the theory of evolution. Use some of the research you completed on Alfred Russell Wallace and Charles Darwin to help you.


Take a picture and upload to Year 6 Facebook page.

Week 3 activity

This week you will be forensic scientists!


Who squashed the tomato??


Watch the video below, which shows you how to extract DNA from fruit.


All you need is some basic kitchen equipment and some surgical spirit, which you can obtain from any pharmacy (please ask an adult to help you with this part of the experiment.


Can you write up this activity as a science experiment, listing the equipment, the method used and include a simple diagram.


Why is extracting DNA an important part of crime investigations?


Don't forget to upload photos of your crime scene investigation.

Week 4 activity


Create your own Viking Mischief Maker, inspired by the Viking God of mischief - Loki.

Use the planner below to help you develop your ideas.

Viking mischief maker planner