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Woodville Primary School

School's motto - Where this is learning in the air

Class RW/W Ladybird

Summer Term


Summer Term


This term our topic is growing and lifecycles. We will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and planting beans to explore growing. We will be reading The Hungry Caterpillar and will visit Call of the Wild to explore lifecycles. 


In HRSE we will be looking at 'Relationships' where we will look at m aking and  maintaining friendships and explore how to manage conflicts with friends.  


We will also be studying 'Changing Me' where we look at

the body, respecting our bodies in relation to diet, growing up, transition to year 1 and celebrating good memories from Reception.

Meet the teacher notes 2023-24

                                                 Welcome to School Ladybirds


Mrs.Wakeling and Miss.Wilson hope that you have had an amazing summer and we are both looking forward to you starting school. We can't wait to hear all about what you have been up to and to get to know you. We expect you are excited to come to school and play with all the new friends you are going to make. We have been busy getting the classroom ready for you to play in. See you on Monday!

The children have settled into school really well and have enjoyed their first week at Woodville. This week the children have stayed for lunch, had their first assembly and had their first PE lesson. All of the children have settled into school very well and had such a fantastic week. We hop[e they have come home with lots of exciting memories to share with you!


This afternoon the children will come home with their first book. This is a book to share with your child. Please encourage a discussion about the book and enjoy reading with them. Record this in the reading record as this allows us at school to talk to the children about the book they have had and we will do the same. 


Have a fantastic weekend and we will see you Monday!


Following on from our Parent Phonic Workshops, where there were questions regarding phases and pronunciation of sounds, here is a link that identifies each phonic phase (were new graphemes are taught). There is also a video demonstrating the pronunciation of pure sounds. 

Class Notes

Games to play