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Week beginning 30.03.2020

Hi everyone, I have recorded a video on how we teach the children to multiply. Please do add any questions on the post for us to answer if you have any further queries.
I definitely prefer having children to teach than doing so through a video. But hopefully it helps!

Also attached are some questions that the children can try and please do feel free to challenge your child if they’re coping 😊
We will add further activities over the coming weeks on multiplication.

We will also add a foundation activity today. The three activities will be for the children to engage in this week, you don’t need to complete them all today.

Every Monday, Mrs Turner and I aim to add an Maths, English and foundation activity for the children to work on that week.
Enjoy πŸ‘

If you do not have the Facebook page please message and we will try to get the video sent to you that way.

Phonics spotting ai sounds
There are games on phonic play that are free.
Also on phonic play are 3 games for this phoneme.
Maybe go around inside and outside and look for objects with ai sounds, send us some photos.
Or draw some pictures of objects with ai sounds in.
Challenge.....who can make up the funniest sentence with ai sounds? Send them to us please.

Now here is a challenge for all of you! Could you have a go at drawing using the site HooplaKidz doodle and copy their ideas to draw an animal or character of your choice. Please share any other great sites you find. There are lots to choose from. Please listen to some Disney music and sing along! The Year 1 team will be doing this too. Please post your amazing attempts during this week. We will post our masterpieces too! This should be fun as drawing isn’t the teachers best skill! We would love to see parent work too! Enjoy.