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Week beginning 30/03/20


  • Maths - telling the time. You could stick to this plan for the week -

    Monday - introduce the hands, discuss how they move round the clock in a clockwise direction, talk about seconds, minutes and hours. Introduce o'clock by showing children that both hands need to be on the 12. Refer to this throughout the day whenever the clock reaches an o'clock.

    Tuesday - recap o'clock and talk about things that happen at o'clock times - lunch at school is at 12 o'clock, we get ready to go home at 3 o'clock. Introduce half past - talk about the fact that the big hand has travelled half way around the clock. Use the to make some o'clock and half past times. Refer to these times throughout the day.

    Wednesday - try some of the worksheets to see where you are at with understanding. Recap practically afterwards. Make your own clock with the sheet uploaded on here. You will need a split pin or something to let the hands move...

    Thursday - make a diary of the day that includes timings - e.g I get up at 7 o'clock, I have breakfast at half past 7 etc. Encourage children to draw the clocks and write the times.

    Friday - do a 1 minute challenge activity - use the worksheet to record your findings. These challenges help the children understand the concept of time and how long a minute really is!

  • Check out these websites for some fun ways to learn and keep busy - - free audiobooks without even having to create an account! Lots of great options for children (and some for adults too!) - the official Harry Potter website has some great 'stay at home' activities - quizzes, puzzles, drawing activities, audiobooks etc. Fun for children and parents!

  • Letter to Year 2
    We have been asked to write a letter to the children each week (the next one will be after the Easter break). The first one can be found above this section of the Class page...