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Week beginning 27.04.2020

Week beginning 27.04.2020


Maths 1-

We are going to be looking at doubling numbers and multiplication this week.

For today’s activity we are going to start by looking at doubling. This link will show you a video of how we double numbers if you would like to watch this. Once you have clicked on the link, please select ‘Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April), then play the lesson 1 – making doubles video. Once you have watched the video, to the right there is a ‘Get the Activity’ tab. Please complete the activity.

Feel free to do some of your own doubling activities too and share your work with us ๐Ÿ˜€


English 1- 

Phonics - focus on the ‘igh’ sounds. Please load up phonic play.

Username march20

Password home

Go onto resources and phase 5. Scroll down to alternative spellings ‘igh’ and work through the 3 activities in there. Any phonic games on phase 5 are great for the children as they will have learnt the sounds and applying these to spelling and reading is very important.

Play any phonic games they would like on phonic play or Discovery Education on a daily basis will reinforce what has been taught during phonic lessons.

Spelling- Please help your children to read and spell the common exception words for year 1. These are words that are used a lot in writing and it will really help them to spell these correctly.

Play games like snap, write the word twice and turn them over can you find 2 the same? Can you read the word? Can you spell the word? Can you say the word in a sentence?

Play hangman with these words. Can you read the word? Can you spell the word? Can you say the word in a sentence?

There are games on phonic play to support the reading of these words.



PE- At some point this week we would like the children to try ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ sessions. Hopefully, it will be some time for calm and quite. As the weather doesn't look as great this week, this is a perfect activity to be completed inside. 

I have attached some links of Cosmic Kids videos. Please do share some photos of your child enjoying some quiet time.

Squish the fish- [](

Pedro the Penguin goes to the Funfair- [](

Popcorn the Dolphin- [](

Arnold the Ant- [](


Maths 2- I will post a video to show examples 

We would like the children to be able to write their multiplication as repeated addition. 

For example double 1 is the same as 1 + 1= 2.


Challenge 1- Can you show us the repeated addition sum for their doubles up to 5. 

Challenge 2- Can you show the repeated addition sums up to 10?

Challenge 3- Can you show us the repeated addition for double 11 and double 12?


English 2- Writing

Please choose a picture you like from the 3 below and write about what you can see in the picture.  Describe the charactersand try to use some adjectives too (colours, shapes, size etc).  Think about how they might be feeling and how you know that.  Remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. For your spellings, remember to use your phonics to sound out the words and then ask if you are unsure, but it is really important it is your work with a little support.

Challenge – try to use adjectives and to write on the line, can you remember any of the simple joins we have learnt?  

Please show us your work, we would love to see it!



Science-Naming common garden flowers.

Either in your garden or on your daily walk please look for common flowers.

Look at dandelions, bluebells, daisy, rose, stinging nettle.  Look out for daffodils and tulips although we may be a little late for these.  Talk to the children about flowers growing from a bulb or a seed too.

Ask the children to look closely at the flowers, but not to pick them and then to have a go at drawing the ones they find and label with their name.

Challenge could they say if they grow from a seed or a bulb. Can you find and name any other flowers you find?  Show us your drawings and labels.



















Maths 3- Using the pictures of arrays, can the children write the repeated additions to match. E.g. Question 1, 3+3+3+3= 12

If the children find this easy, could you challenge them to write the matching multiplication? E.g. Question 1, 4x3= 12



English 3- Writing

Using the pictures from lesson 1, write about what they could be doing, or where they could be going?  Write about the place they might visit and draw a picture to show where they are visiting.  

As in every piece of writing remember to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

Challenge – try to add adjectives and say how the characters feel.  Could you try and use an exclamation mark in a sentence?


PSHE- Thinking about emotions and what events make us feel that way.

Watch the video it’s all about the characters in the film Inside Out.

It looks at the 5 emotions of happy, sad, fear, anger and disgust.

Please talk to your child about events that make them feel these emotions.

Emphasise that they need to talk about their feelings and that they are all normal feelings but it is far better to talk about them rather than keep them inside.

There is an attached sheet for them to name the character and write about what makes them feel this emotion if they would like to.  It is far more important that they talk to you and share their feelings.




Writing pictures

Exception words

Maths lesson 3

Science flowers