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Welcome to Woodville School

Week beginning 23/03/20


Week 1 -

  • Joe Wicks daily P.E lessons - a great way to begin the day.
  • BBC Supermovers dances - check out the Fractions song!
  • David Walliams daily story time -
  • Practical maths work on capacity and volume - use a measuring jug or something similar to measure liquids in mililitres and litres. Discuss the different capacities of vessels that are different sizes. Talk to your child about the fact that a taller vessel does not necessarily mean it holds more liquid. Remember to talk about how many ml are in a l. Use the greater than and less than signs to compare these. 
  • Art - sketch something interesting that you find in the garden. Use pencils or paint to add some colour. Photos of the drawings are being uploaded to Facebook so that we can see them all!
  • Chester Zoo are hosting a live online walk round of the zoo all day today (Friday) - see their website for more information