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Week beginning 20.04.2020

We would like the children to practise their addition and subtraction.
There is a website attached, once you click on the link, there is a addition and subtraction symbol at the top. Once you have clicked on there, you will see a variety of headings. You will then be able to select whichever activity you feel your child will cope with. On this page there are printable activities and games for the children to play. However, if you would prefer to do some written maths, I have attached two pictures which show the steps to answering a question and also the resources we would use. The children can draw the resources or equally, you can use cubes or any other resources that you have at home.

From the Year 1 team 😊

Picture 1
Picture 2
Please click on the link-
There is a lovely text aimed at year 1, with question on vocabulary, comprehension, speech and many more. Please explore the activities and select the ones you think your child is capable of doing, as some are trickier than others.
We are aware that there are lots of activities and we do not expect that they are all completed today but if you would like to work your way through them at your own pace and just complete whatever you can 😊

Phonics sound of the week is- ee
Using discovery education and phonic play, there are lots of activities in phase 5 for alternative pronunciation and alternative spelling. 
If you feel this is too tricky, please look at phase 3 and recap games using the ee sound. 

Enjoy from the Year 1 team 👍

Good afternoon children and parents,

As part of our science work this term we would be looking at plants in the garden and local area. On your daily walk look and see what plants and trees you can see and name them.  Talk about trees that are always green (evergreen) and trees that the leaves fall off (deciduous). Look at all the colours in the flowers. 
We have attached 2 scavenger hunts.  Please choose which one you would like to do and go and find the things on the list.
From Miss Burling and Mrs Turner
And all the year 1 team.

Scavenger hunt resources

Scavenger hunt resources  1
Scavenger hunt resources  2