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Week beginning 11.05.2020

Week beginning 11.05.2020

Phonics - focus on the ‘oi’ sounds. Please load up phonic play.

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Go onto resources and phase 5. Scroll down to alternative spellings ‘oi’ and work through the 3 activities in there. Any phonic games on phase 5 are great for the children as they will have learnt the sounds and applying these to spelling and reading is very important. Please try to read the 3 sentences under 5C week 17 ‘oi’ sounds, it consolidates the different sounds in words. Play any phonic games they would like on phonic play or Discovery Education on a daily basis will reinforce what has been taught during phonic lessons.


Maths 1- This week we would like the children to look at halving numbers and shapes. We would like the children to use lots of different resources (their toys, cubes, lego, teddies etc.) to find half. From this activity, we would like the children to know that when you half something you are splitting them into 2 groups. This activity may also raise the conversation of odd and even numbers as they will not be able to half the odd numbers. I have uploaded a PowerPoint called ‘Halving PowerPoint’. Please use the PowerPoint to start this topic and then continue to complete this activity practically, encouraging the children to half lots of different groups. Halving items up to 10 would be great, if they are able to half bigger numbers then feel free to enjoy the challenge.

Maths 2- Continuing halving, we would like the children to use the shapes sheet that has been uploaded on Facebook. However, the shapes can be drawn instead of printing. We would like the children to colour the shapes and then cut them in half (2 equal parts).

Maths 3- Now we would like the children to look at halving numbers up to 10. Again the children can do this practically first and then I have uploaded an activity called ‘half of numbers’, please encourage the children to draw the items into the 2 circles, allowing them to see what half of the original amount is.

Challenge- Can they halve any bigger numbers.


English 1- Spelling- Please help your child to spell the first line of words on the common exception sheet (sent last week). Continue with the spellings from the exception sheet working through the next column. They don’t need to write them, they can call them out to you. If they are confident with the spelling, say a sentence to you using them. Try stamping the words out around the room. Try singing the letters or whispering them. There are games on phonic play to support the reading of these words. If your child is able to spell all of the words revisit the phonic sheet we sent home in the spelling/homework book with all the sounds on it. Please check they can read and spell using all the different ways of spelling the sounds. Only do 5 a week as they are a lot on there.


English 2- We are still working on the story, Jack and the Beanstalk. Now we are familiar with the story, we would now like the children to make their own.

They can start by making their own story map by drawing their ideas. However, if your child would prefer to plan their story in a different way, they can.

1. Who is the character? (A name of their choice)

2. What would they sell? (What animal?)

3. What did they sell it for.....magical? (Seeds,bulbs etc)

4. What could they climb? (Ladder, apple tree, ships mast etc)

5. What did they find at the top? (Pirate ship, fairy castle etc)

6. What will they steal? (3 magical things)

Challenge can they make up their own phrase that the baddie will say? Fe fi fo fum..... change to he hi ho hum or anything they would like to use.

There is a sheet attached but you can do this on a sheet of paper next to numbers.

English 3- Write their own story using the plan they made yesterday. Start with Once upon a time and end with lived happily ever after. They need to write a sentence about each of the ideas they had in yesterday’s lesson. Let them just write please! 

Support with spelling by them sounding out and trying first. We are looking for them to be using capital letters, full stops, adjectives, finger spaces, writing on the line and correct letter formation. We have also uploaded an adjective word mat to support the children with their ideas if they would like to use it. 

Challenge- Can they include a sentence with an exclamation mark at the end? Can they use exciting adjectives like enormous, gigantic or twisted rather than big? Don’t try and write the whole story in one sitting as it’s too long and concentration goes. Just try one or two sentences per sitting then have a break.


Topic- Building on from last week’s amazing work on fruit and vegetables. We would like you to think about selecting 4 fruits to make a fruit salad. Choose 4 fruits that you like. BUT think of different colours, soft and hard fruit, try something new, your favourites. Write your list and carefully with an adult, make a fruit salad for your whole family to enjoy. Ask them to score you out of 10 and what they liked about the fruit salad and is there anything they would prefer for next time.Please take photos and share them with us!


PSHE- Following on from last week’s medicine work, discuss with your child who is safe to give medicine to them (Mum, dad, doctor, nurse). Discuss that medicine is safe in most instances, discuss the dangers of them too. Talk about how we keep the medicines safe and why and how tablets can look like sweets but are very dangerous, which is why they may be in a locked cabinet. 

Discuss other things that are in a locked cabinet to keep veryyoung children safe. (Bleach, washing powder etc). This is just a discussion piece of work. It’s very interesting to explore what they know about medicine and what is in it and why. It’s also interesting for children to share their understanding and experiences as it helps them learn and stay safe.


Geography- Look at the countries in the UK. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and label them on themap that has been uploaded and will be in the file section on Facebook. Discuss the capital cities of these countries. Label on the map (uploaded on Facebook) by looking in an atlas (or online) and colour the countries in different colours.

Challenge - Can they find the flags of these countries?

Halving shapes

Alternative words

Halving numbers

Map of UK