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Week beginning 06.07.20

Week beginning 6.06.2020                        

This week will be our last week of academic work. As next week will be the last week in Year 1, we will be planning fun activities for the children!

(1B&1T) Phonics - focus on the ‘ur & er’ sounds. Please load up phonic play.

Username march20

Password home

Go onto resources and phase 5. Scroll down to alternative spellings ‘ur’ and work through the 3 activities in there. Can you give them some of the words from ‘word sort’ for them to try and write them, using the correct alternative spelling? 

Then complete the same but for ‘er’.


Extension- Play any phonic games they would like on phonic play or Discovery Education on a daily basis will reinforce what has been taught during phonic lessons.


Reading If you are not already, we would like the children to take part in at least 5 minutes of reading each day. They can read anything, books, comic, newspaper, e-books, whatever they would like. This activity can also completed as their bed time reading. Maybe the children could share their favourite book on our learning page as it may be an interest to another pupil!


(1T) Maths 1-Multiplication 

This week we would like the children to recap and develop their multiplication knowledge. For the first activity we would like the children to pick a challenge;

Challenge 1- 2 wheels

Challenge 2- 3 wheels

Challenge 3- 5 wheels

We would like them to use the method of arrays (I will repost the video from previous). We would like them to complete the wheel using this method. The wheels will be posted on Facebook as ‘Maths 1 wheels’. 


(1B&1T) Maths 2- To further their multiplication knowledge we would like them to answer the multiplication questions, using arrays (maths 2), then match the boxes that have the same answers/total.


(1B) Maths 3- For activity 3, we would like the children to find the correct arrays to match the multiplication number sentence. For example for 3 x 2 = they would find the arrays that shows 3 lots of 2. Within the same activity there is a section where they need to make arrays for multiplication sentences too.


Remember, if you would like your children to practise this further then they can login to their ‘Times Table Rockstars’. This is a game that will be used lots in year 2.



(1B & 1T) English 1- As this is our last week of learning in year 1, we would like the children to write 3 or more of their favourite things about year 1. This could be a lesson in school, school trip, school play, something they have played with their friends. Please brainstorm ideas with your child and they ask them to use the ideas to put them into full sentences. 

We would like them to use full stops and capital letters, can they vary how they start each sentence, can they tell us how they felt for some of the activities and can they use any other punctuation?

Please do share these with us as we would love to read them J



(1B&1T) English 2- Now preparing them for year 2, could they write what they are looking forward to and any questions they have about year 2. This will give you and your child some time to discuss what it is there are looking forward to but also what they’re unsure of. Again, please share this with us as there might be some questions that we can answer for you. Otherwise we will pass the questions on to the next teacher.


English 3- Suffix ‘ed’.

Please explain that a suffix are letters that are added to the end of a word. The suffix ‘ed’ at the end of a word changes the word to past tense.

You will also have to discuss the rules below, however it might be easier to discuss the rules when talking about a word that needs to follow those rules. It doesn’t matter if you don’t discuss all, there might be too many to discuss them all at once.


dress             jump              tidy             park

play                dance            lock             skip


Challenge can you think of any more verbs and add the suffix ‘ed’.






PE- As the children have missed their year 1 sports day, as a school we are going to share 5 activities on our school Facebook page (1 for each day) and  they are also on the school website; children, home learning and then right down the bottom of the page there is a ‘video centre’. 

We would like the children to take part and for you to share photographs or videos of the children,with us, by email. This is so we then have an email address to send their certificate to.

The activities are as follows: throwing and catching, shuttles runs, aiming (rolling a ball), speed bounce and egg and spoon. Alternative resources are given for children who are not back at school. If your child has returned to school, this will be completed in school. 


The videos on Facebook and the website explain the rules and demonstrate each activity.




Enjoy your week!