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Week 3 of Home Learning (20.4.20)

Home Learning week 3 (First week of Summer Term) Week beginning 20.4.20


We hope you had a lovely 2 week Easter break and are raring to get started again on some school work.


This week our Maths focus is Time; specifically telling, writing and drawing the time to the nearest 5 minutes on a 12 hour clock.


This will involve some recapping of basic time telling from year 2 (o'clock, quarter past/to, half past) before moving on. The work set has two levels of difficulty plus a third section where you can back track a bit if you are getting stuck. There is also an investigation to apply your maths reasoning skills at the end.


The children will also have some additional optional activities and challenges set on the Facebook year group page involving reading and recording time on clock faces and digitally, such as following a recipe for baking cakes/brownies/cookies and noting times taken (including eating it! ).  


NB - Next week we will also be working on time but the focus will be more on the passage of time and problem solving, so do not worry about going beyond telling the time and converting analogue to digital and vice versa for this week.


See below for activities set for this week for your official 1 hour of maths.


This week our English focus is on using adjectives and alliteration; specifically related to reading/writing about Trolls.


This is a 2 week block of work utilising the 'Talk for Writing' approach which we use at Woodville and has been designed for Home Learning.


Please read the text together and discuss it, and you have the option of a few hyperlinks to further information if you so choose. Then complete the glossary work and the adjectives and alliteration sheets. This should take you up to page 10. In total this should take roughly the length of 1 lesson but feel free to break it into several shorter bursts if that suits you better.


NB - Next week the set English work will be later pages from this workbook so please do not go beyond page 10 this week.


This week's 'Other Subject' lesson is to make a maze and some artwork with a fridge magnet and a paperclip (or anything magnetic which you have at home). This is a cross between Art and Science. Ordinarily we would have been working on 'Forces and Magnets' in Science and 'Creating images with natural materials' in Art if we were in school. Other similar activities can be found on 'Pintrest' eg  '5 minute crafts', and a wide range of blank mazes can be found through a google search - or even better if you can draw out your own maze.


Another nice optional Art activity to do this week is to paint a nice message onto a stone (and varnish it if you have any clear varnish or PVA glue) and leave it on a wall or gatepost or the pavement outside your house for people to see/read on their daily exercise route.