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Welcome to Woodville School

Week 14 Voluntary Home Learning (13.7.20) in case you need weaning off πŸ˜‚



MondayMaths - Multiplication and division problem solving

Teaching video and worksheet in resources.

         - English - Log in to Discovery Education and complete any English activities of your choice (search ‘year 3’)


Tuesday - Maths - Revise subtraction part 1

          - English - Choose 20 words from the year 3&4 spelling list shown. Test yourself, or have some fun writing them in different ways (backwards, vertically, changing colours for each letter, writing each letter with a number between each letter, etc)



 - Keyworker groups - choose activities from the satchel icon on 3P’s page


Thursday - Maths - Revise subtraction part 2

            - English - Choose a free e-book from

(Suggestion - The Boy who cried Wolf by Pie Corbett)


And/or ... 

Write a story about being in danger and setting a trap to catch the Wolf. (You could use Peter and the Wolf as a guide, or other Wolf stories eg Little Red Riding Hood, Lau Po Po, or The 3 Little Pigs)

Look back at previous weeks of links to Peter and the Wolf story (ebook on OxfordOwl and music by Prokofiev).


Friday -  - English -  Play hangman Or complete your Wolf story, and/or choose something from Discovery Education or BBC Bitesize.