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Week 12 of Home Learning (29.6.20)

Don’t forget to read our class ebook. We will be stealing some ideas from it for our English work at the end of term.

                               Timetable for week 12


MondayMaths (LP) - Add/subtract mass

 -  English (ST) Word classes - nouns, adjectives, verbs & adverbs.

 - Reading - Read some more of the Peter and the Wolf ebook (See link at the top of this page)


Tuesday - Maths (LP) - Measure capacity Part 1

 - Geography (ST) - Building use in South Woodham Ferrers

 - Reading - Read some more of the Peter and the Wolf ebook (See link at the top of this page)


Wednesday - PSHE (ST) - gratitude diary/positive thoughts

             - Science (LP) - Shadow length (๐Ÿคž๐Ÿปif the sun is out)

 - Reading - Read some more of the Peter and the Wolf ebook.


Thursday - English (ST) - Nouns, adjectives, verbs & adverbs (sorting game).

            - Maths (LP) -  Measure capacity part 2

      - D&T end of year final project (LP) - Design a cardboard arcade game


Friday -  - English (ST) - Word class - Some silly sentences

 - Science (LP) - start/continue the shadow tasks (Word document tasks 2 please, plus task 3 for the more scientific of you. NB - Task 1 was completed in school by those who attended)

 - D&T/practical maths (LP) ‘Wobbly Water Waiter’ Race (See photo below)

-  PE Challenge (ST) - Speed catch challenge (video on Facebook group page)

Mon 29.6.20 Please note - Yet again the answer sheet provided by White Rose Maths has a mistake (Q7c the answer is NOT 4kg390g as shown. It is 4kg 690g)


Lesson 2 - Write nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs on separate sheets of paper and place in different positions around the garden (4 sheets of paper required). Using all the words that you have thought of and cut up from lesson 1 -shuffle and place in the middle of the garden. Using a countdown timer (3 minutes) pick up a word from the pile and run it to the correct word class in the garden (if it was an adjective run and leave it on the sheet that says adjective). See how many you can do in three minutes. Try again and see if you can beat your previous score.

Science Wed 1.7.20 - Activity to be partially completed in school if you are coming in that day. Any work completed in school in the morning will be brought home to finish but those coming in the afternoon should carry out the morning timed measurements at home on the following day. Children are not to bring any sheets in to school from home, although sheets can go from school to home. Thank you.

Science 1.7.20 - changing shadow length. Support video/alternative or additional lesson for home use.

PSHE gratitude journal/notice the good

Geography - 

There are two tasks to complete.

T1. - Look at the images of the local shops in SWF and identify the different businesses and how many we have of each one. This can be completed in a simple tally chart. What do you notice? 


T2- Look at the images of the local businesses by the bandstand. Using the template provided, draw a 2D birds eye view of the businesses and label them. 

Geography - Local study of SWF

Friday 3rd July - Wobbly Water Waiter Challenge (A practical fun maths game to applybunderstanding of capacity)

Project - 3 weeks of D&T - Cardboard arcade games laughyes

Thursday & Friday 2nd/3rd July and/or 9th/10th July ... and final presentation of finished game with rules and instructions on Thursday 16th July. 

See if you can build your own arcade game from recycled materials.


In 3P, just before lockdown, we watched a youtube video about 'Caine's Arcade', which is about a little boy from a poor neighbourhood in America, who showed the great creativity and resillience within all children ... and it all paid off for him with a wonderful surprise! His story became National news in America and went viral on the internet.


Click the YouTube link (and have some tissues at the ready as it makes me cry every time!)


This will be an ongoing challenge for you for the rest of term. In class, we designed and discussed the different types of arcade games/carnival games which we could build. The children's ideas were amazing! Let your imagination run wild. Then build your game, ask family (and appropriately socially distanced friends) to play it. Be sure to have a scoring system and maybe some prizes to keep your players wanting to return for more fun!


There are lots of other ideas to try, and I will add some ideal inks here to give you some inspiration if you have not been inspired already by watching the video of Caine.