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Welcome to Woodville School

Week 1 of Home Learning (23.3.20)


A big "Hello" to everyone in 3P from Miss. Palmer


I hope you are all happy and well and enjoying time with your family and pets. This is a little bit of a strange way of teaching you, but it will hopefully all settle down and be less confusing soon.


If you are able to join us on the 'Year 3 Home Learning' Facebook Group  too, that would be great as it is nice to be able to stay in touch and see your lovely work.


We will be setting you some work on both sites for everyone to be able to access them, and this might help you to keep busy and keep learning. There will also be some additional ideas of things to do and ways to structure your day if you would like extra support with those thing. For example there will be some short, fun activities and links to websites that are things which you can do independently when your parents are busy. These things might be activities which you can do with your younger brothers and sisters too, as it is always nice to be kind and helpful to our family but especially so at the moment. We want you to have fun as well as learn so, as well as giving you exciting Maths and English tasks, we will also be adding a few family challenges and card games to keep you busy (and be a bit competitive).


I look forward to seeing you all back in school as soon as it is safe enough for us to return. I am sure that we will all miss each other during this school closure time, but we will try to stay in touch and help you and your family make the best of this strange situation.


Miss. Palmer :-) 

Week 1 (beginning 23.3.20) set by Mr. Thomas


Non-Chronological Report

The children have been learning the features of a non-chronological report. The children can complete their own chronological report on something that is of interest to them. For example - their favourite football team, space, pets, animals etc. 




Introductory Paragraph

Organised into paragraphs


Fact boxes

Factual information 

Present tense (unless it is a historical report)

Third person

Formal Tone



Two pieces of reading from First News will be set each week- just log in.



Spelling will be set from Spelling Wand.

Please get the children to practice their year 3 and 4 spelling words (found in the middle of their reading record book) including the meaning. Timed activities is usually very good for this - How many times can they spell it correctly in 1 minute. Also writing in sentences shows they have an understanding of the meaning.  



Log onto My Maths for weekly maths work.

Children can also learn to tell the time - analogue/digital.

Bake some cookies and talk to them about scaling up from 4 people to 8 (what ingredients would they need?)


Top Marks is a great website - Complete Build your Fraction        


This game has many levels. Build the fraction in the centre of the screen and drag it to the correct fraction on the right of the screen. It will move onto the next level when they have completed the three challenges.



Children design their own Super Hero. They can write their special features onto their drawing. Tell the children to bring them in once they are back at school and we will see if they are better than mine (as you know I am very competitive ;) )