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Times Tables

Don't forget to check MyMaths for your new homework each week. The new activities will be set on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Thursday.


As well as practising your spellings and reading at least three times a week to a grown up, you should also be practising your times tables.


You should be able to recall your times tables fluently and at speed. To start with you should be practising your 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and now that you are in year 3 you should be thinking about your 3 times tables too. Once you are confident with these, please move onto your 4 and 8 times tables.


The expectation is that the majority of children will know these by the END of year 3. Naturally some children will progress at different rates. We are also linking and applying this learning to division and fractions, and encouraging children to recognise inverse operations. This is a lot to learn and should be a gradual process as part of applying times tables but we thought it would be helpful to tell you so that gradually these concepts can become embedded. Once these links between the multiplication, division and fractions of numbers are understood children really benefit as well as also recognising some of the reasons why we learn times tables.