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Summer Week 2 w/b 27th April

Reception Letter Week 2

Hello childrenπŸ‘‹πŸ»


We have really enjoyed seeing all your home learning this week. We know it’s very strange to be doing school at home, but we are proud of you for trying. Sometimes it’s tricky to do school work if we don’t feel like it or if our grown ups have to work, but for whatever work you have managed to do this week we want to say well done, great effort πŸ†. 


We also want to say a big thank you to your grown ups for helping you. They are being excellent teachers; give them a high five πŸ™ŒπŸ» .


How are you keeping active? It is very important to make sure that we keep moving our bodies everyday whilst we have to stay at home. Mrs Wakeling has been using her step exerciser to keep fit and doing lots of gardening πŸŒ·πŸŒ³ when the weather has been good. Mrs Guesdon has been doing yoga πŸ§˜‍♀️ twice a week and PE with Joe every day with her children. We know from tapestry that some of you have been keeping fit on your trampolines or going for your daily walk with your family in the bluebell woods. 


We hope you have a good ‘active’ weekend with your family.


Stay safe, stay home, stay amazing β­οΈ

🌈Mrs Guesdon and Mrs Wakeling🌈

Frog Life Cycle/Tadpole Diary

Hello children πŸ‘‹πŸ»


I’m sorry I have no video update from the pond; the rain had made it difficult because of the iPad getting wet and the tadpoles hiding deeper down. But I can tell you there are lots of tadpoles still and they are busy growing but there are no signs of change yet. Let’s hope that next week we can see them.


Mrs Guesdon πŸŒˆ


Dear Parents/Carers

At school we were going to learn about the life cycle of a frog. You could talk about this together (you may possibly have a book with it in) or a good video to watch is Come Outside -Frogs. It is an old programme I know, but it’s very good for EYFS and you can find it if you search online. After learning about it they could have a go at the cutting and sticking frog cycle below. If you want to extend your child you could a) get them to add labels b) ask them to write a sentence to go with each stage. If you do not have access to a printer then they could just draw their own.


This is a free resource. 

Picture resource to help

Picture resource to help 1

Wellbeing Wednesday 


Hello childrenπŸ‘‹πŸ»


My class will remember that when we were at school we used to have circle time first thing on Wednesday morning. We did it because we are all very good at knowing how to keep our bodies healthy but together we were learning about keeping our feelings and mind healthy too. Right now, that is even more important because we have to stay at home 🏠.


So every Wednesday I will share the idea for the week and we would like you all (RG and RW) to talk about it with your grown ups at home. It will be a little different to school as there is no surprise door to open and no big circle of 28 children! But you could use a talking toy πŸ§Έ with the grown ups at home and I’m sure you can show them how we do it. Perhaps if you have brothers or sisters they might like to join in too. (RW children - a talking toy allows you to speak and everyone else has to listen whilst you share your ideas. Only the person with the talking toy can speak and then you pass it on to the next person).


Remember you do not need to spend long on this; 5 minutes of shared talking is good. You do not need to write anything: just like at school this is about talking to each other and listening. 

The message this week is “Be proud of yourself!”


Mrs Guesdon πŸŒˆ


Grown ups - it’s very simple. Share the prompt below with your child, give them time to think about the answer carefully. At school I usually give them a whole minute to have a considered think and sometimes whilst they are doing that I give them a few ideas or possibilities to guide them. As you are at home, encourage them not to blurt out the first thing they think of (the talking toy helps here as they need to wait until they have it). Then when ready, discuss and share your thoughts! Most importantly every idea is valued and no answer is wrong. 



Picture 1

learning the ai sound


We have posted a phonics teaching video on Tapestry for the ai vowel digraph. For your information there is also an explanation with suggested activities a Powerpoint sorting game, workbook, flashcards, photographs and a comic strip story that contains the sound in various words. Some are also uploaded here to help you too. 





ai phoneme flashcards and images

ai phoneme flashcards and images 1
ai phoneme flashcards and images 2
ai phoneme flashcards and images 3
ai phoneme flashcards and images 4
ai phoneme flashcards and images 5
ai phoneme flashcards and images 6
ai phoneme flashcards and images 7
ai phoneme flashcards and images 8
ai phoneme flashcards and images 9
ai phoneme flashcards and images 10
ai phoneme flashcards and images 11
ai phoneme flashcards and images 12
ai phoneme flashcards and images 13
ai phoneme flashcards and images 14
ai phoneme flashcards and images 15
ai phoneme flashcards and images 16

Literacy for this week


Dear Children take a look at your online journal for this week's Literacy learning!


For your information, this week we will be using a story to support the teaching of Literacy in addition to the writing and phonics videos that I usually post on Tapestry. Below I will attach the documents you need but these are also available on Tapestry where I have explained the teaching more clearly.


PLEASE only complete pages 1-7 of this new programme, as we will be revisiting the attached pdf regularly over the next few weeks. Later today I will also be posting a different writing activity teaching video (on Tapestry) and the resources to support this.


All these activities are for the whole week so please complete them at a time that suits you best. There are additional suggestions to extend your child's learning, or just to keep them busy if you need them but these additional activities are optional so please enjoy today's sunshine, stay safe and don't put yourself under too much pressure. 


kind regards,



Talk for Writing EYFS Unit

Summer Week 2 -Maths 


Good morning children β˜€οΈ


Maths this week is based on pirate stories πŸŒ΄πŸŒŠ argh how exciting me hearties! 


First if you can ask your grown up to go to tapestry I have a video for you to watch of me reading the story ‘The Night Pirates’. Although you don’t need the book to do the maths I thought you would like to hear a story πŸ˜€


For the weeks activities please head to:


There are so many fun activities to try, we’re looking forward to you sending us back pictures of what you get up to on tapestry. 


Remember as well as the maths activities here, it’s good to keep working on:

Counting forwards AND backwards 

Recalling number bonds to 10

Recognising shapes

Adding and taking away.

There are lots of opportunities in the day to do this, it doesn’t need to take you long. Maybe you can recall your number bonds whilst you get dressed. Or spot shapes in your kitchen when you are eating your breakfast. Or add up how many snacks you’ve had today πŸ˜‹. Or sing a maths song when you are in the bath.  Maths is everywhere! 


Mrs Guesdon πŸŒˆ


Picture 1