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Welcome to Woodville School

Autumn Term 1

History and Science Topics for the Autumn term will be:

‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’ and ‘Rocks and Soils’.


In Maths we will begin with a focus on place value We will use number lines, represent 2 and 3 digit numbers in lots of different ways, understand Hundreds/Tens/Ones and look for patterns on hundred squares, count on or back in tens from any given number without going beyond 1000, write and read numbers in digits and words, etc.

We are moving on to addition and subtraction, using partitioning, number lines, Base 10 and our number bonds to help us solve equations. 


In English, we will begin with writing postcards and letters, with a focus on empathy with a main character, and comparing characters and settings. Next, we are writing non-chronological reports on animals.
We will also carry out individual and guided reading, read aloud to the children from a shared class text, carry out weekly spelling, punctuation and grammar activities, and weekly joined handwriting lessons in preparation for completing their written work in pen rather than pencil.


Children will not need to wear school uniform on Thursdays and Should wear their school PE kit to school instead. This is due to new guidelines which prevent children from changing for PE lessons. Children in year 3 will be taught outdoor PE by Mrs. Appleton on Thursday afternoon.



Please clearly label all clothes, rucksacks, pencil cases, lunchboxes and water bottles.  Currently parents and pupils are not permitted to look through clothing sent to lost property so you may find that you are unable to retrieve un-named items until further notice. 


Desks now all face the teacher at the front of the room and children keep resources on these as far as possible. Each child does have their own named tray which they put their reading book and snack into each morning. 



Please bring a fruit or vegetable snack.

Snacks are no longer provided by the school when the children leave the Infants. Biscuits, cereal bars, crisps or chocolate are not permitted.

Reading books 

Please remember to send your child’s reading book in to school each day. The children in the juniors have responsibility for changing their book themselves but due to limited access to the library we request that the book is read through completely twice before being changed (unless it is a long chapter book). We normally endeavour to hear your child read once a week in year 3. Staff are continuing to record comments in children’s reading diaries, which we are keeping in school for the time being.

Spelling books  

We are continuing to teach spellings and are using these books at school until further notice, so they will not be sent home.



Online maths homework is set every Friday. You need to log in to your mathsframe account using your user name and password. Children are also strongly encouraged to log onto their Times Tables Rockstars account on a regular basis, to practice quick recall of their times tables, ready for their year 4 statutory multiplication test.


Online English homework will also be set each Friday and you will also have  your own log in details for that soon. We are no longer using Spelling wand for online spelling homework, but will be moving to a new site soon.