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Photos from week 5 & end of week letter

Photos of some of your brilliant work from week 5

End of week 5 Letter (Thurs 7th May)


You are nearly at the end of another week and have all worked really hard again(along with your parents). It has been lovely for us to read your work and see you smiling in the pictures and videos, as it helps us to know that you are enjoying the lessons, as well as learning. 

We are thinking you might have to measure yourselves soon to check because we are sure you have all got taller in the last seven weeks!


English – We have been impressed with your efforts in English this week with your grammar and punctuation and the improvements you are trying to make to your work, especially with your handwriting. 


Maths - A big well done for all the continued work on analogue and digital time, and extending your understanding into being more confident with both the 12 hour and 24 hour clock now. There has been a lot of improvement over the last couple of weeks for many of you. We have come to the end of our unit on ‘Time’ now and will be moving on to ‘Money’ next week, so get ready to work with coins instead of clocks next.


Science - Well done for also taking part in our virtual ‘pub quiz’ with the special subject being identifying different types of fossils. It was so much fun watching the clock for the 3pm answer time and then see over 20 entries come flooding in. You had to look hard for clues, and because commenting was closed until 3pm, we know it was all your own work and no sneaky peeking at others’ answers! Well done to Rowan and ———- for scoring 15/15!

Some of you had great fun role-playing as archaeologists; ‘discovering’ and removing the fossils trapped in the rock (ice/play dough). For your VE Day party/picnic you could even make ice cubes with fruit inside for everyone’s drinks. The chocolate fossils were a real pleasure to see, and we are going to try that again ourselves!

More on fossils and how they are formed next week.


D&T/STEM – Your air cannons/confetti launchers have been really impressive and you have given lots of feedback about enjoying this task. Much like the Tower Challenge, we had a flurry of entries once the first few were submitted. There were some ingenious choices of materials and methods of launching your projectiles! We had everything being launched; from Pom poms and popcorn, to Hungry Hippo balls and cotton balls! Don’t forget to stock them up (or even to make enough for everyone in your family) ready for the 3pm National toast on Friday for VE Day! Next week there will be a new challenge with a different way of launching things (using a toilet roll tube (or other tubes you can find), a pencil or stick and some rubber bands) and there may be instructions for other catapults too!


PSHE/BRITISH VALUES - We hope that you had fun learning about VE Dayand the importance of that event to our British Heritage. It was the start of a new period of hope and excitement about a better future. We know that some of you will be celebrating on Friday in your own ways, within your families, (and being sure that you continue to keep away from others beyond your own household). We would love for you to take some pictures and share them on the Facebook group page (in the post provided this afternoon). 

The stone painting project, to bring smiles to your local community, has come to an end, and we have had the results of our vote. We have chosen to create 2 gatherings of stones and set them in locations which are a suitable walking distance apart, for any of you wishing to get your daily exercise by visiting both class’ ‘Rock Parties’. They look incredible on their own, so will make an amazing ‘gallery’ as a collection. It will be nice for the classes to have their rocks gathered together, until a time when we can all be together too! What an arty and socially caring bunch you are!  


Remember to keep smiling. We couldn’t be prouder of you all.


Mr.Thomas and Miss.Palmer.