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Photos from week 2 & end of week letter

Hello to all the parents of children in 3P and 3T

As you will have seen on the newsletter, we will now be giving you a weekly summary of how we are all doing. This will be posted every Friday during term time and it will give you a quick 2 page round up of the week, to help us all share in our successes.




This week Year 3 were set the following three main tasks to complete:

MATHS – Fractions on a number line. There was a narrated slide show to guide parents and children through the learning required, and some questions which consolidated that learning. The activity included the chance to reason and use the correct maths vocabulary in your answers as well as opportunities for comparing and ordering fractions. These included fractions of a whole number and those where the numerator was greater than the denominator as the fraction showed more than the number 1 but less than 2. (eg 6/4) There was also an answer sheet for you to work together to mark that work, and be able to make any corrections together. Some children opted for moving on to extension work and really enjoyed this. There was also an optional fractions game to crack the secret code – which again seemed to be a hit.


ENGLISH – The work set for this week was intended to help families to have a mixture of time together and focused writing time too, based on the familiar fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. 

The children were given links to a youtube story in case they did not have a copy of the story at home (or could listen/join in with their family telling them the story). The next step was to consider the characters in the story and think about their personalities – how they would talk, move or behave; in order to then write a play script of their favourite part of the story. A pdf was provided for those children who wanted to make the character puppets as cone characters. Many children then read and performed their play with their siblings and/or parents for some wonderful videos of puppet shows and some very entertaining wolf voices/dialogue!! There were also some great pictures, theatre posters and backdrops made by several children who really reallyimpressed us with their creativity and enthusiasm.

Some children also opted to click on the link to listen to another fairy story about a wolf which is a traditional tale from China. They then compared the two stories and some children wanted to write their play scripts for that story too over Easter, whilst others have been walking around the house quoting their characters from their scripts at every opportunity J. 

Writing the play scripts was a bit of a challenge for some, but everyone who completed this work put in an incredible amount of effort and results submitted and the feedback from parents was truly lovely.


Again, several children also carried out an optional activity which was a set of fun reading comprehension questions for the first chapter of a book called The Carpet Bicycle, about a teacher who brings a flying carpet to school!


D&T/Science/maths (STEM) – The third set task was a challenge to build the tallest tower using whatever people had in their home. There were 3 rules (design criteria) which had to be met in order to make the competition fair. 

- The tower had to be free-standing. 

- It had to be made out of only three types of objects.

- It had to be photographed and measured in cm, and submitted by Friday afternoon. 

Every day we were amused and delighted by the entries coming in, which were steadily getting taller and more inventive. There was a real sense of competition and creativity. The children worked in small family teams, indoors or outside, and used whatever was at hand to build some very magnificent towers. Some children based their ideas on buildings that they knew about (cylindrical light houses, or New York skyscrapers) and this helped them to understand the need for a strong wide base and for the weight to be evenly distributed. It encompassed the exploration of angles, weight, properties of materials, measuring and physical activity. Miss. Palmer joined in with her tower of marking and plastic storage boxes – which she mistakenly built behind the more or less redundant front door, and then had a parcel delivered to the front porch! (Luckily her tower was mobile as the base box was on wheels J)

All of the entries were then sorted into categories ready for the winners to be awarded gifs (and ‘Palmer Points’ and ‘Thomas Tokens’ – in a specially created album within the Facebook group page in place of Woodville’s Team Point reward system). The children’s work throughout the week has been of an increasingly high standard, Theyhave really pushed themselves to do their very best and their efforts are very much reflected in what they shared with their teachers and classmates. We have seen a great number of smiling faces; which cheers up every single one of us in our new Home Learning group.


Well done again Year 3. What a great team!

Have a fabulous Easter/Spring break and remember to keep your brain busy as well as being active – but also take some time to enjoy this family time and treasure the people you have in your life. 

If you are stuck for ideas and are a member of the Facebook page remember you can still access the Boredom Busters list of ideas of things to do in lots of different subject areas, and can still access the links to useful web pages for maths and English (on the main post with the owl, which has been tagged into the Topic folder ‘useful resources during lockdown’, and also pinned to the announcements at the top of the page).

Stay indoors/in your garden as much as you possibly can, and stay safe.

Miss. Palmer J and Mr. Thomas J