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Updated End Dec ‘20


All children have a Teams log in now. Please check this to find out the  homework which has been set.


Homework is set each weekend on mymaths (Maths) and ihub (English) and all children have log in details for these. These homework tasks are online and mark automatically, but teachers regularly check this data and monitor it. 


In Jan ‘21 we will be introducing an online spelling homework using the app ‘Spelling Shed’. It is a fun, interactive way to gain confidence with spelling. Log in details will be sent out in January.

See below (and our Teams page in ‘Files’) for: 

- Year 1&2 spelling words,

- The first 100 words and common exception words (ie frequently used words which do not follow a phonics pattern eg ‘said’), and

- Year 3 spelling words. You are welcome to go through these in groups of 10-20 to practice regularly at home using the ‘Look, cover, write, check’ approach.

Other subjects

We sometimes will set optional challenges on Teams linked to recent lessons which the children have particularly enjoyed, so that they can show you what they have been learning.


If you have have any questions regarding the homework for 3P please send an email year 3 staff with the subject heading of ‘Homework for (child’s name)’, on and I will try to support you as soon as I am able. 


Why do we need a Teams log in if homework is still set on mymaths and ihub?

Teams will be used as a Home and Digital Learning Platform. We will be using this instead of Facebook to communicate with you in the event of another full National lockdown or if our class need to self isolate. (If a child or member of staff in the class tests positive for covid-19). Under such circumstances, staff can set several pieces of work to complete each day and it is not such a public forum as Facebook.


By using Teams, your child will be able to submit their work and communicate directly with their teacher if they need to. We will be setting some optional homework, and maybe some paper-based homework, using Teams, in order to familiarise everyone with this way of supporting you and your child with home learning.


Please bear in mind that teachers are not on permanent call and would prefer you to only contact them on weekdays between 3.30 and 4.30 (8.30am to 4.30pm if we are all self isolating as a class and our lessons have gone fully online). If you contact your teacher in the evening or at weekends they may be busy with their own families, housework ... or sleeping 😁👩🏻‍🏫 and may not get back to you until the next working day.