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Home Learning 6-7-20

Monday - Maths (LP) -  Compare capacity (worksheet in resources as usual)

           - English (LP) -  Writing instructions


Tuesday - Maths (LP) -  Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

Teaching video 

Followed by worksheet in resources


          - Geography (ST) - Design your own business/shop for South                                                     Woodham Ferrers


Wednesday - English (LP) -  Brainstorming and planning ideas for writing your own instructions for how to catch a wild animal or mythical creature.

              - Science (LP) - Shadows worksheet continued (See resources)

              - Music (LP) - Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf (See resources)


Thursday - Maths (LP) -  Divide 2 digits by 1 digit

Teaching video

Followed by worksheet in resources.


           - PSHE (ST) - What makes a good friend

   - Art/D&T projects continued from previous weeks (LP) - Look in previous resources sections for something which you have not tried yet if you have already completed your cardboard arcade game (which must also include a set of instructions and rules).


Friday -  - English (LP) - 

            Maths (LP) - Revise multiply and divide by 4 and by 8

Teaching video 

           - Art/D&T continued from previous weeks (LP) -

            - PE Challenge (ST) - Speed Catch with a twist

Maths worksheets

Answers to maths worksheets



PSHE What makes a good friend

Home Learning 22.6.20


Monday - Maths ( ) - Measure mass part 1


           - English (ST) - Using Similes Lesson 1


Tuesday - Maths (LP) - Measure mass part 2


          - History (ST) - Bronze Age life and into the Iron Age period.


Wednesday - English (ST ) -Spot the alliteration/personification game


              - Science (LP) - Making shadows: An investigation

                (Transparent, translucent and opaque materials)


Thursday - Maths (LP) - Compare mass


           - PSHE (ST) -Costing the earth 


           - D&T (LP) - Baking

Use what we have learnt about mass in maths to use the scales at home and do some baking. See below for lots of good child-friendly recipes.


Friday -  - English (ST) - personification poem lesson 3


            - PE Challenge (ST) - Topple ball (2 players)


           - Art/D&T continued from last week (LP) - Optical illusions





Maths worksheets - Mass


Support video for Mon 22.6.20


Revision/support video for Tues 23.6.20


Support video for Thurs 25.6.20


Maths sheet answers


English Resources


History Tuesday - Bronze Age to the Iron Age


Science - Wednesday 24.6.20

Transparent, opaque and translucent materials - Making Shadows


D&T - Baking (and measuring mass in the process)


PSHE Costing the earth


Art - Fri 26.6.20 Optical illusions -

Try the next step on from where you got to last week


These Art activities are to last for the rest of the school year. They will be copied and pasted across to each new week of Home Learning. Work on them at your own pace. Each week an Art Facebook post will go up and you can show off whatever you have done that week on there. 😁👍


Step 1 - Click on the Newsround link and journey through the optical illusions. What do YOU see each time? Rabbit or raven in this photo? - Moving or still? How the brain tries to make sense of confusing images.


Step 2 - Google search the artist called Escher. Look at his clever artwork. He used optical illusions to create amazing pictures. Some have pictures which seem to change from 2D to 3D. Some have stairs that seem like they go nowhere, and some have two animals or characters which slot together perfectly (tessellate), so that your eyes only see one creature at first - and then the other. It takes your eyes and your brain a little while before they are able to see both.


You can create your own tessellated picture using regular 2D shapes -or you can use the lizard template in the link below. (To saves printer ink you could just print one and lay your blank sheet over the top to trace the lizard and then reposition your paper to draw the next one. Make sure that they slot together perfectly)



Step 4 - Now try colouring some of his tessellated shape pictures. Click on the links to either colour your pictures using a painting program on the computer or to print off your sheets as paper colouring sheets.


Step 5 - Create your own optical illusion artwork using coloured pencils and shading to make your 2D paper appear to have a 3D effect. There is a video link below which guides you through this really well.

Home Learning 8-6-20


Please find below a timetable for next weeks home learning. All resources have again been grouped onto 3P's class page. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


The library Summer Reading Challenge is starting earlier this year and is all online. This is a great way to encourage reading. You can sign up, create an avatar and start earning badges here


Remember to go through the key elements of staying safe whilst using the internet regularly with your child. Please click on the link for additional information


Mon - Maths - Draw accurate measurements

        English - Make a bullet point list of 5 things to do in Lock down.


Tues - Maths - Horizontal and vertical lines.

         History - Evidence of Stone Age life


Wed - English - Begin to consider imagery of words to use in list poems.

        Science - Introduction to our new unit of work on ‘Light’.


Thurs - Maths - Perpendicular & parallel lines


PSHE - Positivity.


D&T - Make your own paper beads and create a rainbow gift 🌈 for a family member or to deliver safely to a friend.


Fri - English - Reading task and making lists/notes of facts you find about natural dyes and how clothes were dyed through history. (See resources)


(Plus follow up Art/D&T with an opportunity to tie-dye something made from cotton using natural dyes you may have at home (red wine, coffee, beetroot juice). See English (and D&T) resources for instructions.


   D&T continued - Complete your paper beads & create a rainbow gift 🌈 from yesterday.


     PE Challenge - Mr. Thomas will set a PE Challenge on the Facebook group (See video)


Optional Maths - Mymaths has been set for this week to revise acute and obtuse angles, and to support this week’s work on types of lines.








Home Learning 1-6-20


We hope you are enjoying the half term week with the beautiful sunshine.

Please find below a timetable of next weeks activities (we have placed all the resources on 3P's class page). Feel free to complete these at any point during the week. The posts on the group will go up where you can submit the work or alternatively you can e-mail the work in.



Mon am - English (LP) - Write about your favourite day over half term week. 

See below for your choices of tasks. Choose one. The number of words is a suggested amount to give a guide to the amount that is realistic for year 3 children. Happy reporting!


Write a newspaper report - Min of 60 and Max of 200 words

 (See link to a template if you want it, but it’s ok not to use this)

OR - Write a social media post about your day - Min of 40 and Max of 100 words

You can include a single photo to go with your report.


Mon pm - Maths (LP) - We are starting a new unit of work about properties of Shape. This week we will be focusing on angles. See resources link below.


As usual: complete the work as independently as you can and then reveal the answer sheet for you to mark using a different colour. Go through those which you didn’t understand with an adult.



Tues am - Maths (LP) - See resources link for today’s work on angles.


Tues pm - History (ST) -Being a detective and researching information on clothing and possessions from the Stone Age. All the instructions are inserted onto a PowerPoint and can be found in the resources section. 



Wed am - English (LP) - Write a book review.

What is your favourite book? (Not your favourite film!). Write about it to tell people a little bit about it - but don’t give away any important details which would spoil the ending, because after reading your book review they will probably want to read it themselves!


NB - I have also added some audio links of a few great stories written by three submarine engineers about the environment, who I am working with to produce an illustrated book and lesson plans for other schools. You might want to read some of your favourite story and video yourself, to add this to your book review. (To see/hear some of the teachers from Woodville reading stories, go to the menu on this school website, then children, home learning, and finally video centre).


Wed pm - Science (LP) - This is your last lesson in the ‘Rocks and Soils’ Year 3 National Curriculum Science unit. Today we are looking at what soil is, how it is important, and how different soil types have different properties.


1. See resources below for a Power Point quiz where you will learn a lot about soil that you never knew before!

Also watch the video from BBC Bitesize about soil (See link below)

You may also wish to revisit the information and quizzes on Discovery Education (See link below - user name sudent11770 password Woodville. Type in Rocks into the search bar once there). You will then be able to move on to part 2, with an understanding of what soil is.


2. Some soils absorb water and stay wet for a long time. Others allow water to drain through them and dry out quickly in the sun. 

- Complete the investigations, write, draw, photograph or video your results and once you have explored soil you can answer the question: 


How do you think the soil type affects the plants and animals which grow/live in it?

(Think about burrowing animals such as foxes, rabbits and worms. Think about plants growing in different types of soil and in different locations).



Thurs am - Maths (LP) - See resources for lesson 3 for this week.


Thurs pm - RE/PSHE (ST) - This is an RE lesson about prayer in a mosque. There is a short BBC bitesize video to watch with support questions to help you complete the task. I have attached everything you need in a powerpoint including the link to the video.


Thurs pm - PE Challenge (ST) - You will need a timer/stopwatch, ball and two cones. This is a time trial game linked with your four times tables.



Fri am - English (LP) - Stone Age reading comprehension.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from. One star is the easier one through to three stars being the hardest. If you are reading pink sticker reading books and above you should be able to complete the two or three star comprehension sheet.

No need to print this off, as you can read it from your screen and just write the answers onto a sheet of paper.


Please remember to use capital letters to start your sentence and for any names of people or places. Remember to check your spellings and be sure that you have not missed out any words. 


NB - Your answers should be in full sentences and should not start with And or Because. These words are conjunctions, and the role of a conjunction is to extend your sentences by giving more information, or for explaining what you have already written. Remember to use the question to help you create a full sentence answer, and to help you with your spellings too.


Fri pm - D&T / STEM Challenge for today and the weekend (LP) - Create a catapult using lolly sticks or pencils. You may also wish to make a simple straw and paper launcher, or a very simple elastic band catapult. (See links for ideas, instructions and photos).


Test your catapult and create a game (for which you can use any of the catapults/launchers we have built so far in lockdown including today’s catapult/launcher).


- Which of your machines launches the same missile the furthest?

- Which is the most accurate for hitting a target?

- Create a game using any (or all) of your launchers, by drawing chalk targets, or using containers and decide on how many points each target should be worth. Challenge your brothers/sisters/parents to play against you. Who can score the most? Do you need different start lines for different ages/heights to make it a fair game?


Fri/weekend - Optional Maths (LP) Mymaths has been set and is about angles OR you can play the maths dice game shown below.

Please read this letter which contains important changes to the running of our home learning Facebook page

Home Learning 18.5.20

Please find below the Time Table for next week. Resources for the lessons can be found on the corresponding class pages. Friday is a non-pupil day so there will be no set work. Have a lovely week.


Mon - Maths (LP) - Adding Money

See resources above, for:

- True/False revision question (pounds and pence and converting pounds and pence),

- Then, the question sheet.
- Don’t forget to mark your own work using the answer sheet and ask for help on any you didn’t understand.


Mon - English (ST) - Lesson 1 -  It must be magic (no need to print this sheet. Add similes to the sentences and draw what you think is in Astrid's hands. Write a description of what you have drawn)


Mon - D&T Challenge (LP) - Any time during this week. Both options are shown on the video link (Both are made as parent and child projects but most year 3 children can attempt this independently)

A = Easy option = Simple elastic band catapult, and pompon seesaw catapult.

B= Harder option = Balloon powered car



Tues - Maths (LP) - Subtracting Money

- Numbots - Log in using your TTRockstars details and unlock the challenges by completing the rapid fire questions in ‘Iron’ level (or ‘Tin’ level if you already completed iron).

- Complete the question sheet

- Mark your own work (as yesterday)


Tues -History - Stone Age Homes and Farming. Task is to make a round house.



Wed - English (ST)- First News Cross Word - Robots


Wed - RE (ST)- Puja powerpoint. There are two tasks to choose from but only one needs to be completed.  There is a comprehension task or draw out the five objects used in Puja and write the meaning of each one.


Wed - Optional Maths (LP) - MyMaths set work on Money, and/or TTRockstars or Top-marks (see links)


Thurs - Maths (LP) - Giving Change

- True/false question

- Complete question sheet

- Mark your own work etc.


Thurs - English Lesson 3 (ST)- Design your own robot for 2040 and write about the robot's features.


Thurs - PE Challenge (ST) - Human Badminton or Tennis 

Resources for the week 18.5.20

Stone Age Homes and Farming

Home Learning 11-5-20


We hope you  are enjoying the bank holiday weekend with the lovely weather. Please find below the work outlined for next week along with the resources.



English - The Stone Trolls (Lesson 1, story and definitions of target words) ST

Maths - Numbots Challenge (via TT Rockstars accounts) and MyMaths as set (Introducing Money) LP


No need to print anything or to submit a photo of today’s maths as teachers can track it on their online accounts.


D&T challenge for this week will be set on Monday (Launchers)




Maths - Money Challenge/game and worksheet. LP

Science/ Art - How Fossils are formed and drawing amenities. LP




English - Reading Quiz (The Stone Trolls). ST

PSHE - Games that make us happy. ST



Maths - Money continued. LP

History - Life for Stone Age man. LP



English - Adjective game. ST

PE - Game. ST

Resources English

Home Schooling Letter 7-5-20

Home Schooling 4-5-20

Welcome to week 5 of Home Learning (wk of 4.5.20)

Mon - English lesson 1 - VE Day Reading comprehension.

Mon - Make an air cannon to make up and play your own maths games.

Mon - Maths lesson 1 - Time: 12 and 24 hour clock worksheet.


Tues - Maths lesson 2 - Time: Finding the duration worksheet.

Tues - Science - Fossils - Activities including making ‘rocks’ and ‘fossils’ from Playdough, salt dough chocolate or ice. 

Tues - English - Optional spelling to learn the year 3 and 4 spelling list.


Wed - English lesson 2 - Direct Speech PowerPoint and two tasks.

Wed - PSHE/D&T/Music - Listen to WW2 music whilst planning a ‘street party’ and making decorations for VE Day which is on Fri 8th May.

(Also the deadline date for your painted stones and decorated words for windows, as we will be deciding on a route/location for our Well-Wishers walk and ‘Rock Party’ gathering of friends’ rocks).

Wed - Maths optional Roman numerals work.


Thurs - Maths lesson 3 - Time: calculating the duration worksheet.

Thurs - History/STEM - Choice of activities linked to VE Day or make a WW2 plane ‘shooter’ or confetti cannon.

Thurs - English - Optional fronted adverbial powerpoint with task on slide 6.


Fri - BANK HOLIDAY and the celebration of the 75th VE Day.


Thursday 7-5-20

Friday summary letter week 3 (20-25.4.20)

Please see the word document below for details of work set on 20.4.20 for the coming week. There are accompanying links to the resources beneath that.


Please ignore the title of the maths slides/pdf as this is a 1 hour lesson which can be completed on any day this week (but it taken from a week long series of maths lessons from within a set of weeks within a term; hence the reference to weeks/day in it's title)

Set work for week beginning 20.4.20

Maths - writing and drawing analogue and digital time

English - Only up to page 10 please as this is a 2 week workbook

End of week 2 Friday summary letter

Home Learning Week 2 - Week beginning 30.3.20

Hello Year 3!

We hope you are all happy and well and enjoying time with your family and pets.


Hello to anyone who is not in the 'Year 3 Facebook Home Learning' group. If you are able to join us there too that would be great as it is nice to be able to stay in touch and see your lovely work. There are also some additional ideas of things to do and ways to structure your day if you would like extra support with those thing. For example there are some short, fun activities and links to websites etc that are things which you can do independently when your parents are busy, and some things you can do with your younger brothers and sisters, and we are also even adding a few family challenges and card games to keep you busy.


This week's official tasks in Maths, English, and one other subject, are as follows:


- Maths -

Fractions on a number line

Please access and head to 'Home Learning - Year 3'. Then it should be easy to find this week's slideshow maths lesson and the activities for the children to do, by clicking on Fractions, Week 2, lesson 1.

(It also says step 6 as it follows on from 5 earlier slides in their 'week 1' section, but don't worry about that). 


You will see a yellow framed slideshow with the title 'Flashback 4' with 4 revision/quick fire maths questions to warm up the brain, and this leads on to the slideshow about fractions on a number line.


The activity to complete can be accessed by clicking on the dark pink tab beneath the slideshow entitled 'Get the Activity - Lesson 1 (Y3 Spring Block 5 WO6 Fractions on a number line). The activity gets progressively harder but all children should be able to have a go and work their way through until they are finding it a bit of a challenge. If they reach that point it would be a good time to step in and offer some help and discuss what they have managed to do so far. If they are flagging, it is honestly ok to stop. You might want to return to it later or on another day.


There is also a green tab to click on that shows you the answers, but please do not be tempted to show this to your child until they have finished (although you can peek). Once they have finished, you can show them the answers and then they can mark it themselves in a different colour than they used to complete the activity. This is the perfect time to let them talk to you about what they have learnt - which we do at school to consolidate their understanding.


- English -

Fairy stories and Play scripts (Little Red Riding Hood themed)

Read a copy of Little Red Riding Hood together and talk about the characters.

What are they like? (Think of some good adjectives eg. kind)

How might they speak? (Think of some good adverbs eg. quietly)

What actions might need to be in the stage directions? (Think of some good present tense verbs eg  Red Riding Hood picks flowers, or  carries the basket).


Talk about how a playscript is set out with the narrator introducing the play setting and the characters, and then the character names are written at the side of the page next to the words that they will speak.

The narrator speaks when there is an important part of the story that the audience need to know about which is difficult to explain through the dialogue.

Stage directions are written in parentheses (brackets). A stage direction explains where the characters/actors are and what they are doing. They only need to be brief notes not full sentences.


Try to write the part of the play that you like best. It might just be the part in the setting of Granny's cottage, or it might be the whole thing. You have the freedom to choose how long your play is, but it must use the correct layout and the features needed for a play script. (You do not need to use the PDF file linked below, but this should help you structure the layout of your own work).


The familiarity of a fairy story should help you and your child feel a little more confident than having an unfamiliar text, so this activity should be fun to complete. It can be a nice family performance with you all taking on different roles, or it could be acted out by your child using costumes or having their toys as characters who they speak for in different character voices.


You can type in  to take you to a story of Little Red Riding Hood which your child can enjoy sharing with a younger sibling (who they might be able to recruit into acting in the play too!).


If you would like a bit more of a challenge and something a bit different, go to to an even older Chinese Fairy Tale about a big bad wolf, called Lon Po Po, for your child to watch/listen to and a recording sheet to make comparisons with the English Little Red Riding Hood. (Dont worry, it is written/read in English!)


Other subject -

Design Technology - Tower Challenge

To add a bit of competition and creativity, you are all challenged to build the tallest tower that you can build from whatever materials you have in your home. This could be newspaper, foil, toilet rolls (if you have any ), Lego, tins, or plastic party cups. You MUST ask permission from an adult before using any of the materials you are hoping to use.


The competition rules (called the building criteria) are that:

1. You may only use a maximum of three different materials per tower.

2. You must build in a safe place and take care not to let your tower cause an injury when it inevitably topples over.

3, You must take a photograph of your finished tower and give the measurement from the base to the tallest point, and post it on the Facebook page (if you are able). 

4. Entries must be received by Friday lunchtime to be entered into the competition.


Try to make your tower taller than you.


Remember the D&T mindset approach to creating and exploring. If you keep building and it reaches toppling point - let it topple and then rebuild it to almost that same height again. Photograph/measure it. You may then be able to add to it some more if you have actually improved the structure during your second build. (Miss. Palmer did this challenge using clothes pegs and lolly sticks this morning (Monday) and will try other materials each day and try to beat her previous tower height).


Can you beat the height of Miss. Palmer’s tower, your friends’/family’s towers and Mr. Thomas’ tower? 

Home Learning Week 1


Please log onto the class page for updates and ideas for home learning from when the school closes on Friday afternoon. 


Non-Chronological Report

The children have been learning the features of a non-chronological report. The children can complete their own chronological report on something that is of interest to them. For example - their favourite football team, space, pets, animals etc. 




Introductory Paragraph

Organised into paragraphs


Fact boxes

Factual information 

Present tense (unless it is a historical report)

Third person

Formal Tone



Two pieces of reading from First News will be set each week- just log in.



Spelling will be set from Spelling Wand.

Please get the children to practice their year 3 and 4 spelling words (found in the middle of their reading record book) including the meaning. Timed activities is usually very good for this - How many times can they spell it correctly in 1 minute. Also writing in sentences shows they have an understanding of the meaning.  



Log onto My Maths for weekly maths work.

Children can also learn to tell the time - analogue/digital.

Bake some cookies and talk to them about scaling up from 4 people to 8 (what ingredients would they need?)


Top Marks is a great website - Complete Build your Fraction        


This game has many levels. Build the fraction in the centre of the screen and drag it to the correct fraction on the right of the screen. It will move onto the next level when they have completed the three challenges.


We have a months trial of Numbots - Log into RockStar Times Tables and your child will have access to this. There are many different levels to complete. 



Children design their own Super Hero. They can write their special features onto their drawing. Tell the children to bring them in once they are back at school and we will see if they are better than mine (as you know I am very competitive ;) )



Tell the children that Mr Thomas has set them a minimum of four chores a day! Anything from tidying their toys away at the end of the day, helping to wash up, taking their plate to the sink, unloading the dishwasher, dirty clothes in the laundry basket, taking anything left on the bottom of the stairs up stairs (OK, that one will never happen but worth a go!!). These are compulsory and part of the daily tasks!

Finding Fractions of amounts

Dear Parents,


I hope the children feel refreshed after their Christmas break. Our main History Topic this year is Ancient Egyptians and there is a Portals To The Past day on the 28th January. Children can come in dressed up to make it more authentic.


Our focus in English at the start of this term is The Chronicles Of Narnia (Portal Story). This is also our Big Read for this term.



We are focusing on plants, including the main features and functions and seed dispersal.



Mr Radley will continue to be teaching PE on a Monday afternoon and the children are allowed to wear trainers. Please can you ensure all PE kit is labelled.

Due to the children having swimming this half term there will be no indoor PE.



Forest Schools


Forest schools will run on alternate weeks. 3T starts on Thursday 16th and they will have three consecutive sessions. Swimming will then commence the week after.



Homework will continue to be set every Friday- Maths I Huband First news. In addition, personalised spellings will be recorded in their blue spelling book and the children can also log onto Spelling Wand. Please could you also listen to your child read at least three times per week.



If you have any questions/queries, please feel free to speak to me.


Kind Regards


Mr Thomas

Curriculum Overview - Year 3 First Half of the Autumn Term 2019

Year 3 Spring 1 Topic Web

Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!

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