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Welcome to Woodville School

Class RC

Welcome to class RA

Thank you to all the parents and children who have made me feel very welcome as I have returned to work after my maternity leave. Class RA are wonderful and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know them.

May I take this opportunity to welcome Miss Burling to EYFS. Equally she is enjoying working with the class and this new role.

Mrs Adams


Reading and Phonics

The children are now showing good recognition of most of their initial sounds and they are beginning to use and recognise some digraphs (a sound made with two letters) too. So far, we have learned several words using sh,ch,th and ng. This has included looking at these sounds in different parts of the word for example at the beginning, middle or end.Today we introduced the digraph'ai' and looked at some words using where this sound occurs for example, 'rain, pain and Spain' etc... This led to a chat about other ways of spelling the same sound too.




Forest Schools

Thank you to all our Forest School volunteer parents both old and new. This term the children have already enjoyed a wider variety of activities as a result of this additional support. We linked the first session to our class book and pretended that we were going on a bear hunt and played games including finding the lost teddy, making teddy mud pies and building teddy a cave.

Please send your child's Forest School clothing labelled and in a named bag on Friday (in a strong carrier bag is fine). The children will come home in these clothes with their uniform in a bag. Thank you.



Plastic bags

As most children are wearing wellies for Forest School at the moment,

we continue to need thin plastic bags (the sort that used to be free) from the supermarket. If you could provide one for your child and any spares that would be really helpful. Thank you if you have already sent these in, it is so useful to have them to hand.



The children have become adept at reading their own names and are really keen to write their names on their work independently. They often get excited and discuss the letters and sounds they notice from their names in other words. We provide opportunities to write every day through play and model new or recent sounds taught every day too.

The children continue to take part in a wide range of play based activities to develop their gross (large muscle) and fine motor skills. This will also mean developing their use of pivotal joints like the shoulder, elbow and wrist. These skills enable young children to gradually develop their pencil grip and control.



Each day we provide a maths activity and/or a maths related game. This term we will be focusing on pattern and shape and the children will be busy matching shape pattern pictures with a range of shape resources.


Adult support at home makes such a huge difference to the children's progress so all the extra help you can give them is very beneficial

in helping them progress.


Parent helpers


Thank you very much to those parents and grandparents who have already become regular, or who have provided help at short notice both in class and at Forest School. Your support has really helped us to provide an enriched range of activities for the children.

If you haven't had a chance to offer your help, please feel free to let us know.





Outdoor P.E will take place on alternate Wednesday afternoons and Indoor P.E is on Thursdays. Thank you very much for all your help remembering labelled clothing and P.E kit. It is helpful if girls with long hair have their hair tied back on these days. The children are becoming increasingly independent when getting changed, well done children!



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Autumn Term

Fun at school

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Having fun on the play equipment

Having fun on the play equipment 1
Having fun on the play equipment 2
Having fun on the play equipment 3
Having fun on the play equipment 4
Having fun on the play equipment 5
Having fun on the play equipment 6
Having fun on the play equipment 7
Having fun on the play equipment 8
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