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18.09.20 Homework


My Maths - Negative numbers 2 & Negative numbers in context.


Should you have forgotten your password, let me know on Monday and I will remind you of it.


 English- Spelling activities: -able / -ible suffixes


You need to look up the definitions of each word and write each one in a sentence to show you understand the meaning of the word. This can be handwritten or typed.


You need to learn how to spell the word.

Use different spelling strategies to help you. E.g. Look for words within the word, say it silly out loud, does it have a spelling rule you need to remember?


Homework is due in on Friday 25th September.


Now we have been back a couple of weeks and are settled, here are a couple of points to keep you updated.


* Please send your child in with two water bottles, one for the morning and one for the afternoon, as due to COVID guidelines the water fountains are currently unavailable.

* PE is on Thursdays so please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit on this day.

* Our Library slot is on a Friday and children will be permitted to change their books on this day.

* Homework will be issued on Monday- due in on Friday. At the moment homework is online, however we have this time table in place so if in future books need to be sent home they can quarantine in school over the weekend to be marked and redistributed on Monday.

* Spellings will be issued on Friday and tested the following Friday.

* Thank you to everyone who has returned the slips, or sent in letters regarding Mobile Phones and permission for your child to walk home. If children are walking home they will be dismissed at 3.10pm.


Should you have any questions or queries, please note the Year Six email is:


Thank you for your ongoing support,


Miss Tylor

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