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Welcome to Woodville School

Class 6B

Hi All,

A Facebook page has been set up for Year 6 Home Learning to have access to live lessons and 'help' videos. Please make sure you take a look if you are on Facebook. I will duplicate as much as possible on this page also to keep you busy. 

Please keep safe


Home learning for potential school closures.

We have been asked to prepare for Schools to close and to provide you with home learning that the children can do. This is obviously optional but I would like the children to continue learning for as long as possible. I have already spoken to the children about this and will set out below suggestions to keep their learning ticking over:

  • MyMaths activities will be unlocked and have no completion date
  • First news Ihub comprehension activities.
  • CGP Maths and English books: pages they have not yet completed. PLEASE DO NOT START THESE UNTIL WE ARE SURE SCHOOLS WILL CLOSE.
  • Viking work: Viking Gods and beliefs, Viking life,Viking Runes.
  • Science: DNA, Fossils, Mary Anning.


There are also Websites which are specifically aimed at supporting families whilst this 'lockdown' happens. Twinkl are offering a free month of resources. Google Twinkl and follow the steps to claiming your free month. You can find thousands of resources on here including Maths and English papers although we are not yet sure about the future of SATs.


Discovery Education is also an excellent tool to use. 

Login: student11770

P/W: woodville

If you wanted to have work books, Amazon do a great range of CGP Maths and English year 6 books.


We sincerely hope that everyone remains healthy and that things return to normal as soon as possible.


Mrs Brock and Mrs Benefield


Spring term


Welcome back to the Spring term. The main topic for this term is based on The Vikings. Thank you for the wonderful projects that they children have completed over Christmas. They look fabulous in the classroom. This term’s topic web is attached for your information.



This term we will be working hard towards the SATs in May. Some people have asked me for some further guidance or practise so I shall post links to practise papers on here. Please remember that we prepare the children well for these tests and try not to put too much pressure on them. 

Oz photos

Hi All,

A few notices...

Christmas Production: Can all children be back by 6pm for the evening performances. We will be taking photographs which will be available on the Year 6 class pages.

Christmas party: 16th December. Marconi and Scott please bring in something sweet for our party food and Armstrong and Churchill something savoury.

Homework: from this week we will be sending home project homework for our next topic: The Vikings. There will be no English or Maths set so instead we are giving the children an opportunity to get started on their project before the Christmas holidays! Please can we have homework in the first week back after Christmas.




Natural History Museum

We had a wonderful time at the Natural History Museum visiting all of the different areas and exhibits. We took part in a really interesting activity all about classification where some of us joined in! Take a look at the pictures to see what we did.

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are rested and ready for the Autumn term. I am looking forward to the year ahead and seeing all of your 'Extreme Earth' projects!


Here are a few notes to help you settle in...

  • Pencil cases are welcome, but must be small enough to fit in your tray. Remember your handwriting pen must be blue.
  • We encourage you to bring in water bottles, to enable you to have access to drinking water at all times.
  • Remember that for break times, your snack should either be fresh fruit or vegetables.

PE lessons with Mr Radley will be on a Thursday Morning so remember your full outdoor PE kit. This will start from the second week.


See you all tomorrow!

Mrs Brock