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Class 6A

Welcome to 6A class page 


Firstly, PLEASE come into school on 3RD in PE KITS as you have PE Thursday afternoons!

Ensure you have 2 water bottles, one for morning and another for afternoons as we are unable to re-fill them in school at present.


If you are going to be walking home without a parent, YOU MUST BRING IN WRITTEN CONSENT SIGNED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN (even if that was done previously, it must be renewed annually).  Until we have that consent, children will ONLY be dismissed to go home if collected by a parent or guardian. 


Please remember we have asked you to have your own pencil case complete with a pen, pencil and colouring pencils as we are asking you to NOT share equipment.  If you don't  have these, don't worry - we will give you some and they will remain the equipment you use and can keep them in a sandwich bag in your tray.   Again any equipment MUST fit in your tray. 


Puberty resources

Please see the attachments below for the resources which are used in the puberty workshop.  As the letter advised, children are in gender group bubbles for these sessions. Prior to the workshop the children have a whole class introduction 'on how our bodies change as we grow'.  this introduction is less detailed about each gender and addresses changes throughout a lifetime not just specifically puberty.  The workshop then follow that session. 


Autumn 2 - E-Safety

As part of our E-Safety, when we return to school in Autumn 2, we will be learning about the appropriate use of the internet and how we should not share inappropriate images. In these sessions we discuss the implications and negative consequences of sharing nude selfies.  We will watch the following short animation:

Please contact the school if you need help in accessing the animation.