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Welcome to Woodville School

Class 5S

Welcome to class 5S!

Spring Term


Welcome back after the Christmas holidays. We have lots of exciting lessons planned around our new topic of ‘Anglo-Saxons’. We will be writing a Beowulf inspired myth in English followed by a persuasive letter. In Maths, we will become confident at solving multiplication and division problems followed by a unit on fractions. We will design and create our own Anglo-Saxon inspired illuminated letters in art, as well as learning about different forces, such as; gravity, air resistance, buoyancy and friction in science. Please see the topic overview below for more information. 

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I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are rested and ready for the Autumn term. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead and seeing all of your 'Space' projects!


We have some exciting topics this year, during the Autumn Term, we will be studying Space focusing on the size and order of planets in our solar system as well as investigating how the planets orbit the sun. In art sessions we will create our own imaginary land and sculpt Mayan battle masks.


During English lessons, this term we will write a variety of Space poetry following different structures. We will read the narrative 'Westlandia' and describe our own imaginary lands. In addition, we will write and record 'lost in transmission' speeches from an adrift shuttle.


In mathematics we will be focusing on; place value, number facts and using a written method to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems for the first half-term.


As Historians, we will study the Mayan civilisation and discover facts about the Mayans as well as investigating Mayan Gods, beliefs, the Mayan number system and learn about food and farming.


Here are a few notes to help you settle in...

  • Pencil cases are welcome, but must be small enough to fit in your tray. Remember your handwriting pen must be blue.
  • We encourage you to bring in water bottles, to enable you to have access to drinking water at all times.
  • Remember that for break times, your snack should either be fresh fruit or vegetables.


PE lessons with Mr Radley will be on a Thursday afternoon so remember your full outdoor PE kit.


5S will start swimming sessions this half-term. You will receive a letter shortly with all the details



Maths homework will be set every Thursday on MyMaths to be completed by the following Tuesday.

Literacy homework will will also be set on the first news ihub each week.


Homework will start on Thursday 5th September