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Welcome to Woodville School

Class 3P

Welcome to Class 3P


(Miss. Palmer)


School drop off is between 8.40 and 9am, and collection for year 3 is at 3/3.05pm from the junior playground. 
Children from 3P are currently using the door to the computer suite to access our classroom. Your child will be welcomed into school at this door in the morning and we shall also leave by this door at the end of the day. Please do not try to collect your child at this door, but meet us on the playground for your child to be appropriately dismissed. In order not to have too much two way ‘traffic’ of families from two year 3 bubbles, 3P will be brought to the far corner of the playground (by the brick shed and the wooden play equipment), and children will identify the adult who is collecting them.

Homework Update

Home and Digital Learning Platform – Microsoft Teams (Office 365)


We are currently setting up Microsoft Teams as a platform from which to reach out to your homes for homework (and potentially for Home Learning; should we need to teach remotely again). Our aim is to phase the platform in after half term, so please use your child’s log in details and the password for your child to access their Microsoft Teams account once this has been activated. 


By using Teams, your child will be able to submit their work and communicate directly with their teacher if they need to. Children will have had an opportunity to practise using this in school before we begin to use it for homework, so they will be familiar with the layout after half term.


Should you need to discuss anything regarding your child’s learning, with the class teacher, then you can contact them via the year group email, (which goes simultaneously to both year 3 teachers).




If you need to pass on a message to your class teacher, in the morning or in the afternoon, please do so through emailing the year three teachers (non urgent) or phoning the school office (urgent messages).

This term we will be learning ...

See 'Information for Parents' for any information or updates which we need to pass on to you as parents. Click on the tree icon below. This is where you can find out about the specifics of what to wear, what to bring, and homework etc.
Many thanks for all of your support.



Monday to WednesdayWear school uniform.


Thursday - Wear PE kit. This will be for outdoor PE so please ensure that you are appropriately dressed for the weather. Trainers will also be needed, rather than plimsoles.


Friday - Wear school uniform



History and Science Topics for the Autumn term will be:

‘The Stone Age to the Iron Age’ and ‘Rocks and Soils’.


In Maths we will begin with a focus on place value. 
We will use number lines, Base 10 and other resources. These will be retained within each class bubble and shared with a partner or group of no more than 4 children. We will represent 2 and 3 digit numbers in lots of different ways, understand Hundreds/Tens/Ones and look for quicker ways to add and subtract (moving away from counting using our fingers!). Children will count on or back in tens from any given number without going beyond 1000, write and read numbers in digits and words, and have a firm understanding of counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 50s. They will use their quick recall of number bonds to ten (ie which 2 numbers are combined to make a total of ten, so 1 and 9, 3 and 7 etc) to support their addition and subtraction techniques and we will embed the importance of this and how it also supports number bonds to 20 and other multiples of 10 . For example, if the children are secure in understanding that 3 and 7 makes 10, they can Then recognise that 3 and 17 (and 13 and 7) make 20, and 23 and 7 make 30 etc.


In English, we will begin with writing postcards and letters, with a focus on empathy with a main character, and comparing characters and settings.

We will then focus on non-fiction writing by learning about non-chronological reports. Through this the children will begin to learn how to plan and write paragraphs by learning how to break their work into related information - through using subheadings. They will also recognise that non-fiction text is generally written in the present tense, (as are parts of postcards and letters) whilst fiction is most frequently written in the past tense.

We will also carry out individual and guided reading as many times per week as possible and read aloud to the children from a shared class text. In 3P we are engrossed in ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. 

(NB Please do not watch the film as it spoils our excitement predicting what is going to happen in the next chapter. We will watch the film in school in lunchtimes, upon completion of reading the book).

We also carry out regular spelling, punctuation and grammar activities, and weekly joined handwriting lessons in pen. It would be helpful if you could provide your child with a named blue handwriting pen for this purpose. 











Resources for week 5

Home learning work set for week 1 (23-27.3.20)