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Video for new reception class 2021

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Hello everyone,
Here is the video for all the children to show our classroom and garden. It’s very exciting.
I’ll see you in September.
Mrs Turner

Sports day 2021

Home Learning January 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Below is the home learning for this week's English and the math's work, phonics and topic work for tomorrow.  We will put this week's activities on our web page and Teams until Friday and then it will just be on Teams.  Please email us on the year 1 email if you need any further support.


The Year 1 Team. 

Spring Term Topic Web

Good morning

Homework for this week is set on teams.  Please let us know if you cannot see the work.



On Thursday 22nd October, your child’s sibling will bring home a letter or it will be emailed to you with their teams login and password. Please sign into teams with your child. When you sign in you will be asked to change the password, please change this to something memorable and write the password down, as I will not know what your child's new password is.


Home Learning 20.10.20-23.10.20

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all ok this morning.

Here are some ideas for home learning this week.  If you have any questions please email me on the year one email address.


Phonics.  We are revising the phonics in phase 3.

Please play games on phonic play and phonic bloom.  There are games on there you do not need to subscribe to.  Checking on the recognising and spelling the words with the phonemes in ( e.g recognise the phoneme ai and spell sail) Can they think of  sentence with the word in to say to you. 

Focus on revising ar, or, oi, oa, ur and ear.

Play games like quick write - how many times can you write ar in 15 seconds?

Also checking they can recognise the HFW on tricky trucks.  These are the words in their homework. Challenge them to see if they can spell them,


Please check their letter formation when writing. 

All resources to follow.



Focus on Fireworks.

Watch on YouTube for kids a video about Fireworks - (Firework Party - Nursery Rhyme with Lyrics & Karaoke)

Ask the children to make a poster in coloured writing the words they can think of about fireworks, think of what they could see, what they could hear, what they could smell, how they might feel.  decorate with paint, glitter (sorry parents), and pictures they make of fireworks.


Look at who Guy Fawkes was and what he did.  Again there is a video of Guy Fawkes on You Tube for kids.  (A short story of Guy Fawkes and animated history.)

Think about the rhyme Remember Remember the 5th November, link back to Guy Fawkes.  Draw or print a picture of The Houses of Parliament and decorate the sky with fireworks using chalk, paint, glitter, felt tips or anything you would like to use.

Ask the children to write some sentences about fireworks, e.g The fireworks went bang in the black sky. Remind them of capital letters and full stops.

Using the picture attached write some sentences about the picture of fireworks.  Challenge the children can they add an 'and' to their sentence and some adjectives. e.g The red and yellow rockets whizzed up in the dark sky. 



Watch the video Number bond to 10 dance. Play hit the button on the topmarks site, number bonds to 10. We have been working on this last week.


Place value of the numbers to 99.

write a number e.g 63 and ask the children to say it is made of 6 tens and 3 ones. draw using base 10. so llllll for 6 tens and ooo for 3 little ones. Hopefully they will remember this. Play place value basketball on topmarks.  Work through the levels to numbers up to 99.


Greater than  and less than

Watch the very catchy video of Gator song greater than and less than.  Write 2 numbers e.g 56 and 31 ask the children to writ the correct sign in < or > or =.



Discuss Harvest and what it means, there is a short video on cbeebies called Harvest down on the Farm. Chat with the children about what it means to us and why we celebrate this.  Write sentences about the harvest and draw a picture to make their own thanks poster.  There are many pictures online to print for them to colour if you prefer.







letter formation

Phase 3 phonemes

Tricky words to read and spell Phase 3

Firework picture

Meet the teacher information

Good afternoon everyone,


Just a note to say homework will appear on this page on a Friday, it’s spellings based on the phonics we are learning during the week. Maths games will be added to the page too, please play these with your child. 

PE day is a Monday so please send your child into school in their track suit and trainers and they will stay wearing that all day, please have a t-shirt underneath as the classroom can be warm. Our other days for PE are Wednesday for 1T and Thursday for 1B but they do not need PE kit on that day, please send them in wearing normal school uniform. This could change as the term progresses, we will let you know. 

The children will be changing their books on a Monday and Friday, if they have read them at home and tell us that.  If you would like your child to read more often please read a book from home. 

All the children have settled very quickly and very well into year 1 In these unusual times.



The Year 1 Team.


Maths links for the children in year 1.


Please refer to the homework set each week and sent home in their books. There are many games for them to play.

Others include