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Welcome to Woodville School


Good morning all. What a beautiful week it has been, hopefully you have made the most of this glorious weather and are getting out and about. It is much harder to keep up with the Home Learning when the weather is so good, please don't worry if you haven't done a lot this week. It is important to balance your time and enjoy being outside. You will notice that over the next few weeks there is more of an emphasis on Transition to secondary school. We will also be discussing this in school as well so hopefully the children will feel happier about their next step. Towards the end of the term we will be planning for more fun activities rather than academic to try and mirror what we would have been dong in 'normal' time. There will also be a chance to say goodbye and a date and time will be given.

I will shortly be posting the learning for next week. There are a lot less resources you will be pleased to hear! Please be aware that Bikability begins next week.