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Welcome to Woodville School




Today we are starting a new talk for writing unit on information texts: Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah! 


1) Look at the 'lesson 1 info doc' first and read the introduction (stimulus). There are some links to videos and audio clips so do try and use them if you can. Next read the model text to yourself (or read along with the audio). Make sure you keep a copy of the model text or remember where to find it for future lessons. 


2) Look at the 'lesson 1 work doc.' Now you have found out more about this creature, I would like you to write down your thoughts about the animal following my questions on the sheet. You can just write your answers on paper and send me a photo - you do not need to print it if you can't.



Our starting unit this term is multiplication and division. Our first two lessons will be recap lessons - a chance to revise and go over learning that you may have missed during the lockdown before. 


1) Watch the video - do pause the video and have a go at flashback 4 like we do at school. Remember to pause and think where you are asked to and have a go. You can also rewind and watch again anything you are unsure of. 


2) Follow the link to lesson 1 work. You do not need to print it if you can't - you can write your answers on paper and send a photo. Remember that the questions on the sheet become more challenging as you go on. 


3) You can mark your work using the answer link. I would like you to purple pen (or any colour you have available) and correct anything you didn't get right. As we do at school, don't just copy down the correct answer and leave it - work out where it went wrong looking carefully at your method so you learn for next time.


4) There are some reasoning and problem solving questions if you finish the recap and need an extra challenge. Again, there are some answers so you can check 



This lesson is about online safety and spam email. 


1) Have a look through the powerpoint. There are lots of questions to think about as you go through the slides. At school we would dicsuss them, but at home you might have a grown up you can talk about it with. If not, don't worry just think about it yourself. 


2) Have a go at the Stay safe from spam sheet. You do not need to print it if you can't  - you can just write your answers on paper and send a photo. 


3) There is a quiz at the end of the powerpoint. Good luck!