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Class 6S

Welcome to Class 6S!

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Vikings - Spring Term


Our topic for the Spring term is; The Vikings. In English, we will start the new year by writing Kenning poems followed by planning, writing and performing a Battle-cry based on our own mythical creatures. Our focus in Maths will be making links between; fractions, decimals and percentages as well as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Later in the term, we will move onto ratio and proportion, as well as finding the area of a range of 2-D shapes. Our topic in Science is Evolution and Inheritance so we will be exploring; inherited characteristics, adaptation and evolution. We will research Viking invasions including the raids on Lindisfarne and Viking travel by longboat in History. We also have an exciting visit to Layer Marney Towers planned in which the children will take part in several practical workshops. In Art, we will sketch dragons and sculpt Lewis Chessmen. We will plan, design and build eco-friendly bug-houses in Design and Technology.

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I hope you have all had a wonderful summer and are rested and ready for the Autumn term. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead and seeing all of your 'Extreme Earth' projects!


We have some exciting topics this year, during the Autumn Term, we will be studying Extreme Earth focusing on weather conditions and natural disasters , such as; volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornados. In science we will be classifying plant and animal species as well as grouping organisms and investigating micro-organisms. In art sessions we will create our own version of Hokusai’s ‘Great Wave’.


During literacy, this term we will write weather poems including features, such as; personification, similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia words. We will also be reading, comparing and writing our own descriptions of a storm. After half-term, we will read ‘The Tempest’ and write letters and narratives based upon the text.


In mathematics we will be focusing on; place value, number facts and using a written method to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems for the first half-term.


Here are a few notes to help you settle in...

  • Pencil cases are welcome, but must be small enough to fit in your tray. Remember your handwriting pen must be blue.
  • We encourage you to bring in water bottles, to enable you to have access to drinking water at all times.
  • Remember that for break times, your snack should either be fresh fruit or vegetables.

PE lessons with Mr Radley will be on a Thursday afternoon so remember your full outdoor PE kit.


We are currently organising a trip to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre to take part in workshops linking to The Tempest. More information to come soon!



The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre 1



Homework for Maths and Literacy is set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday. The children all now have their own usernames and passwords for MyMaths and The First News Website. If there are any technical problems please let me know.