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Class 2K

🖍📖 Welcome to 2K! 📚✏️


🌸 Miss Keogh's class 🌸


➗✖️ Times Tables ✖️➗

We have been learning the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables and using these to help us with division facts. Please continue to practise these with your child at home. There are lots of fun games online which you may wish to use.

The children have all received a log in for Times Table rock stars which they have written in the back of their reading records. They can log in to play some more times table games at home. 


⏰ Telling the Time

We have also been learning to tell the time. Please continue to practise reading the time to 5 minute intervals. 


🎾 PE ⚽️
PE sessions in Year 2 will now be on Wednesday afternoons (outdoor PE) and Friday afternoons (indoor PE). Remember earrings can not be worn and long hair must be tied back.


🖍 Homework ✏️

Please check your homework book for extra literacy activities and MyMaths for maths activities.

Please continue to read regularly and practise your spellings at home. Practising written comprehension questions about the book that your child is reading would also be beneficial. 

🌞 Summer Term 🌞


Our Geography topic this term will be China. We will be locating China on a world map, finding out about the landmarks, physical features and the wildlife. We will be comparing daily life in China to life in the UK.

We will be linking our topic to our literacy in which we will be focussing on the traditional Chinese tale of The Magic Paintbrush and writing shape poetry. In D&T we will be researching, designing and making our own kites. 


🇨🇳 Chinese day! 🇨🇳

The children really enjoyed our Chinese day at the end of last half term. We had a class competition to build the strongest Great Wall of China, we tried some Chinese stir fried vegetable and noodles (which we had to each with chop sticks) and we even learnt some mandarin! 


Picture 1

Summer Term Photos and Videos 

🌷 Spring Term 🌷


Our topic during the Spring term will be...

🔥 The Great Fire of London 🔥


Picture 1

We have created this story map as a class to help us give a detailed recount of the events of The Great Fire of London. The children have enjoyed adding actions to help them remember! 🔥

Spring Term Photos and Videos 


🍂🍁 Autumn Term 🍁🍂

Your topic this term is...
🌍 All Around the World 🌍


Image result for world map for kids

🌿 First Half Term 🌿

Our Science topic is Living Things and Their Habitats, in Literacy we will be focusing on the book 'The Perfect Pet'. In maths we will be learning about place value and using this to help us with addition and subtraction. 

🐿 Second Half Term 🐿

Our science topic is Animals including humans. In Literacy we will be using Six Dinner Sid to inspire our own story writing. In maths we will be continuing to practice the two times tables and will also be learning 5 and 10 times tables. We will continue to add and subtract and will begin to use money to make different amounts. 

🍂 Autumn Term - 2K photos 🍂